Joel speaks to you in this ministerial talk. But it doesn’t mean ministerial in the sense of establishment. No, Joel brings all it right back in your lap. Most of this talk will be about you and your meditation practice in relationship with situations you are in or the people or even the world around you…


As practitioners and teachers of The Infinite Way, you must realize that you are contradicting about everything—everything that is taught in the entire religious world of the West. If you do not understand  this, you will get nowhere in your ministry, for nowhere in the Western  world, in the Western teachings of religion is the fourth dimensional consciousness brought in—Christ consciousness or Spiritual consciousness.
All teachings are intellectual statements of Truth, theories, opinions, doctrines, laws. No provision is made for rising above the level of the human mind. Yet The Infinite Way starts, starts with the principle that until you have gotten beyond the human mind, you have gotten nowhere on this Path….

[As a provision of rising above the human mind level Joel gives this instruction:]

Meditation is the connecting link, where you go within, and there make contact with an area within your consciousness—which opens to you the Kingdom of God. Now the Master spoke of this, he said that:

the Kingdom of God
is within you; and, that it is no use
going to holy temples or holy
mountains to find it; it is neither lo
here nor lo there, it is within you.”

And it may have been that he gave instructions to his disciples as to how to go within and attain it—but these are omitted from the four Gospels.

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