The Sword of Spirit (introduction)

From the series “the Mystical I” one of the video’s I choose to introduce is “The Sword Of Spirit”, a talk from 1963. You can read the pdf here:

The Sword of Spirit

One thing you can say about the way Joel is teaching is: it is given him to say these words and he animates the voice of Spirit. When Spirit is “speaking” there is perfection in the way of saying the right thing at the right time and the plan of salvation is amazingly planned. The words that is not where this is about. So when you listen to this or read this go beyond the words and join with Spirit. Or in other words don’t listen with your ears, but listen with your mind, your heart, your whole being and you will end up having “instantaneous communication” revealed to you.

Are you ready to do that? Of course. Try this:

Excerpt from The Sword of Spirit:
You see, just as this “sword of the Spirit” must cut us loose from all faith, hope, confidence, in the external, even in a God. So must IT reveal to us, and here too the sword very often cuts deeply into us when IT is trying to turn us within. Because if there’s anything in the world that seems difficult to us, it is “turning within” and “being still.”
Well, this is natural to the human race. Because we have, more or less all of us, been brought right up from infancy to play with rattles. And all the rest of our days we have been supplied with rattles in one form or another, to keep us engaged in the outer realm. Almost as if it were a plot to keep us from having time enough to go within, listen, be at peace with the Spirit, with the Source of our existence. Then, this sword continues to operate.
Ah yes, it is not going to let us alone for quite awhile. Be assured that the sword of the Spirit is going to function in our experience—until we have been cut loose from all material reliance’s.

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