1955 Kailua Study Group
Joel S. Goldsmith
113B – The Secret of the Healing Principle 5/5

To live the Christian life means to accept the teaching that resulted in a Christian world. To live the Christian life means to love thy neighbor as thyself. First of all to love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, with all thy mind, with all thy soul, and then to love thy neighbor as thyself. But these are nothing but meaningless platitudes until we begin to take them apart in our own mind and arrive at some definite meaning for them, so that when we say, “Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, with all thy soul, with all thy mind,” what do we mean by it and how do we do it? Well each one may have a different experience, but mine, of course, was the fact that to love the Lord thy God with all thy heart means to have all faith in the Infinite Invisible as the reality of life appearing outwardly as effect and therefore not to unduly love and never to hate or fear that which is in the physical or mental realm. Even that requires a lot of study before one comes to the realization of the depth of its meaning. We are not to unduly love that which appears in this physical or mental realm; we are never to fear or hate that which appears in this physical or mental realm, and thereby we break the mesmeric dream of a selfhood or a universe apart from God.
On the other hand we are to love our neighbor as ourselves, and this means to acknowledge that God is the selfhood of all real being. God is the selfhood of every individual on the face of this globe even when they are appearing as sick, sinful, and dying humanity. God is the selfhood; God is the life; God is the intelligence; God is the law of every individual on the face of this globe even when in the mesmeric dream they appear to be sick, sinning, stupid humanity. To love our neighbor as ourselves means actually to acknowledge God as the very being of all that appears regardless of the mesmeric appearance that is confronting us.
Now, when we follow those two commandments, we can readily see that all of these appearances of a sick, sinning, dying, ignorant humanity are but the images of thought created by this world dream, what the Master calls “this world.” Once we see that, we won’t love those pictures anymore than we will hate them or fear them. All we will love is the reality behind those pictures. We won’t love the people of this world any more than we will hate or fear the people of this world. What we will love is that which constitutes people: God, the Christhood, the spirit and soul of every individual on earth. That’s the only way it really is possible to love this world because you can’t love the appearances that people present to you. You just can’t do it—that is, most of them.
But, if you look through what they are presenting to you, to that which they really are, that which really constitutes their being, you can’t help loving everyone whether it appears as man, woman, child, or whether it appears as animal or insect. You can’t help it once you have perceived that there is an invisible soul, which is the real being of everyone. And then you look right through the appearance, you look right through their eyes and you see the very soul of them which sits behind those eyes.
Now in training yourself to look through the eyes of people and animals as you meet them, you really come automatically to where you are no longer loving, hating, or fearing the appearance world, or what Jesus called “this world,” and in proportion to that you can say, “I have overcome this world.” I no longer hate it, nor fear it, nor love it. I no longer try to get rid of it; I no longer try to fight it or battle it; I see through it, and through it, behind it I see that which really is—Godhood, and I also see that that which appears to be is but the images in thought made up of the fabric of a dream world.

Let’s stop a moment.

Now the time will come when you will recognize that whereas there are other lessons which lift us up to cloud nine, there are other lessons that seem to be more spiritual, more uplifting, and you will know that there are other lessons you would rather read or listen to than this one, the day will come when you will recognize that you can do without all the other lessons and all the other books there are in the whole teaching, and exchange them all for this one. But that doesn’t by any manner of means mean that you can give this lesson to beginners because you can’t. They have no background; they have no foundation through which to receive it.
This is without any question of doubt the, not only deepest lesson of the message of The Infinite Way; it is the one I give seldom. Probably not more than four times in eight years have I given this lesson, and then not in just this way. But the subject of this lesson has been given to classes four times in eight years. And actually it forms the chapter, “The New Horizon” which I still find no students making a serious effort—or very few students making serious effort to understand or to demonstrate. But this is the lesson of the chapter, “New Horizon.” This is the lesson on healing, because if you are able to heal spiritually without knowing this lesson, you will be very apt to lose your healing gift eventually because it engenders a blind faith or a faith in a personal gift—whereas spiritual healing has nothing to do with either blind faith or with a personal gift.
Spiritual healing has to do with the understanding of the spiritual principle of life. And that has to do with this: that God is the principle of life, and that God maintains and sustains this universe including everyone in it in absolute spiritual integrity. Whereas, on the other hand, you have an appearance world, a dream world, a mesmeric world which has no law to support it, no substance to sustain it, no continuity except such as that which we in our ignorance give it by not recognizing that it is constituted of this world, nothingness, dream fabric. Once you perceive this, you will have a healing principle, which will stand by you regardless of the nature of the problems that are brought to you. It doesn’t by any manner of means mean that you will heal everybody or every condition, not because this principle won’t do it, but because the people involved are not yet ready to live this principle or live by this principle—not yet ready to give up those things which would interfere with the demonstration of this principle.
In other words just as we have Jesus saying that the rich man can in no wise enter heaven—in other words, not even Jesus himself would have attempted to take the rich man into heaven. Why? Not because of his wealth, in and of itself, but because this man’s faith, confidence, hope was in his wealth. All that he expected of life and wanted of life was by virtue of his wealth, and that man cannot be lifted into spiritual consciousness.
And so it is there are people even coming to us for healing, who want healing, but only the healing of their pains and discords, not the healing of the conditions which caused them, produced them. And so it is that even having this principle, don’t think that you have an abracadabra that will enable you just to walk up and down the world healing anybody and everybody your little heart fancies. No, no, no. But this principle is so absolute that given any fair opportunity with anybody at all susceptible to the spiritual life, you will bring harmony into their experience, and you will enable them to come into spiritual enlightenment because this is the secret of all secrets. This is the secret of spiritual living; this is the secret not found in the literature of the world. That is why when you read inspirational literature, you usually end up saying, “Isn’t that beautiful. It was inspiring. But I still have the same problems to face tomorrow.” That is the reason that the inspirational literature of the world, in and of itself, is not enough, because while it will lift us up and make us receptive to the Spirit, it doesn’t provide the truth necessary to our unfoldment. And I can tell you this: no one is ever going to be able to give you the truth except the truth that the discords, limitations, and inharmonies of this world are not real. They are of the fabric of that substance which is illusion—this world. Nothingness. And when you treat it that way instead of treating individual man, woman, child, and condition, you will have the secret of overcoming—overcoming this world. And I can’t add to that.
Thank you.

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