1955 Kailua Study Group
Joel S. Goldsmith
113B – The Secret of the Healing Principle 4/5

So you would find that as you can get used to the idea that everything that appears in any limited sense, whether it’s person or condition, is a part of “this world,” meaning the dream world, the Adam world, the unreal world, and then walk on right by it. You find how quickly the illusion would be broken for your patient or your friend or your relative. You see the difficulty arises in this, that we witness some untoward condition out there or some evil person, and we actually accept it as taking place, which we know in our heart and soul it couldn’t be if there is a God at all. If there is a God at all, there is no such thing as an illusory person or condition. There is no such thing as an evil person, place, thing. But we first see it and then we seek to do something about it. Is that clear? We first see it and then we seek to do something about it, and thereby we are embroiled in it. Whereas if we could see it and then remember that the fabric of it is the dream material, the imagination, the illusory sense of a universe apart from God, or “this world,” and say, “Oh, that’s just ‘this world,’” and then pass it by, we would break the dream, we would break the dream of limitation the minute we ourselves become dehypnotized. Now all there is to a practitioner is a person who in some measure is dehypnotized, who in some measure is not afraid of appearances and doesn’t stop to fight them. That is the only difference between a practitioner and a non-practitioner because the conditions out here are the same to both. Out here there is sin, disease, and death; and your non-practitioner looks at them and says, “Oh, how terrible.” But your practitioner, if they have really arrived at practitioner consciousness, looks out there and says, “‘This world,’ hypnotism, nothingness,” and then goes right on about their business of living.
Now, there is a universal ignorance, which has gripped the mind of practically every individual on earth that makes them unfriendly to truth, makes them antagonistic to truth. Why? Because truth received in consciousness wipes out the very things which humanhood has learned to love: pomp and glory of personal selfhood, personal powers, personal strength, personal wisdom, personal glory, personal achievement. And so the human mind is in rebellion at once to anything that would destroy it. The human mind doesn’t like to hear, I can of my own self do nothing. The human mind does not like to hear, Why callest thou me good? There is but one good, the Father in heaven. The human mind is set on glorifying itself, “Oh see my strength, see my wisdom, see my beauty, see my powers, see my health, see my wealth. I did that. I did all that.”
There is only one thing holding back harmony from our personal experience, and that is this universal sense of life or a selfhood apart from God—law apart from God. There is only one way to break that sense of limitation, and that is to withdraw from the battle in the world; withdraw from battling and opposing people and conditions and withdrawing inside of ourselves and say, “Ah, that’s ‘this world,’” and then go forward with those things that you have to do next and carry them through.
When we are told that there is no use praying if we have aught against any man, we just stop praying—the world has—rather than go and make peace with their brother. “Oh. why not let my brother make peace with me? Why should I go out and do it all?” And so the world keeps on either not praying or praying in such a manner as to insure that there will be no answer to his prayer—which is, by not first making peace with his brother, or as our friend here said, “Pray for peace everyday but your prayers won’t be answered unless you are living the Christian life.” Oh, well, we are not going to live the Christian life but we will keep on praying just the same even though it isn’t going to get us anywhere.

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