1955 Kailua Study Group
Joel S. Goldsmith
113B – The Secret of the Healing Principle 3/5


Now you have heard me say over and over again that this isn’t a question of going out into the world to be a do-gooder. This Infinite Way message is a revelation of how to remove sin, disease, and death from the world—and ignorance—the ignorance that separates people from truth.
And this is the way, this is the way. People are only incidental to our ministry. The actual ministry itself is the removal of ignorance, sin, fear, death, limitation from the world. And that is to be accomplished not by going out and getting enough money to make everybody a millionaire; not by having enough strikes in the world to give everybody a living wage; not by having enough wars in the world to kill off enough of the population so there is less to feed, but to break the entire mesmerism of limitation, ignorance, sin, fear, disease, death.
Now, you have heard me say that when I am asked for help I never take a person or their condition into my consciousness. Do you remember that? Do you know that? This is the reason: the person and the condition is the decoy that would fool you. If you would play around long enough trying to help people and conditions, and you will find yourself up to your neck in people and conditions, and they will always be on the erroneous side. But to really be of help to anyone, stop thinking of the person and the condition and realize that they represent only a picture, an image, an appearance of the fabric that is presenting itself to you which is this universal belief, this universal dream, it’s called the mortal dream. It’s called mortal mind; it’s called the universal illusion. It’s called by many names. It makes no difference what name you use for them as long as you realize that it is a universal sense which in and of itself has no law to sustain it, no cause, no effect, no person.
Now, we are never going to solve our individual problems anymore than we are going to solve national and international problems by trying to change people, heal them or reform them or enrich them. We are only going to bring harmony, first of all into our individual world, by seeing every discordant person, thing, condition, as a picture produced by this illusory substance called the dream of mortal mind or universal illusion or universal hypnotism, universal belief—if you like, universal nothingness appearing as people, appearing as conditions.
Never try to save a dying person; never try to save a poor person or a rich one. Never try to cure a diseased person. Always instantly remember that you are dealing not with a person, not with a condition, not with a thing, but with an hypnotic suggestion, with an hypnotic influence, with an hypnotic picture which has no existence outside of the human mind, human belief, human appearance. Then you will find that you destroy the entire fabric of which all error is made.
Every condition of limitation, whether it is limited finances, limited health, limited morals, limited living conditions, is but the expression of a universal hypnotism, a universal illusion, theories of universal beliefs. The beliefs … actually when you reduce them to individual experience is a belief of a selfhood apart from God, a belief of a cause apart from God, a belief of a law apart from God, a belief of a selfhood apart from God, a belief of a being apart from God, a belief of a life apart from God, a belief of substance apart from God, a belief of wisdom apart from God, of knowledge apart from God. This whole series of beliefs put together, constitute a mesmeric influence making us see limited persons, places, things, and conditions.
You can break down this Adam dream into its component parts, and you will find that the Adam dream is made up of the belief of a life apart from God, of a selfhood or a law apart from God, of a substance or an activity or a cause apart from God.
Every time you are called upon for the solution of a problem, see if there isn’t a person involved in it. You will find there is. And then you will see that since God is the only creative principle, it can’t be the child of God that is involved in it, so it can only be this belief of a selfhood apart from God. See if every problem that comes to you doesn’t come to you as a condition. Can it be a condition of God? No, because it wouldn’t then be a problem. The mere fact that it comes as a condition shows that it is an appearance of a condition which has no real existence, because actually there is neither a person, nor a condition apart from God. And any appearance of such must be a part of what’s called the Adam dream or the mortal dream or the illusory sense of existence or, Jesus called it, “this world.”
Do you know that we would all find it very simple to meet the cases that come to us for help if we could just say, “This world,” and smile at it. If we could just say, “Oh, this is just a condition of this world, the illusory world, not of the real world, not of God’s world,” and then drop it. You would be surprised how quickly it would yield. Yes, just as if we went outside and saw children playing some game on the street in which they had drawn their circle in chalk on the walk and then some child was imprisoned in it, and that child couldn’t escape from its prison until something happened. You look at it and smiled and say, “Yes, that’s in the child’s world.” And so instead of bothering to go and extricate the child from its prison, you would just smile and walk on knowing that in reality it was not in any prison, it was in a child world.

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