The Secret of the Healing Principle 1/5

1955 Kailua Study Group
Joel S. Goldsmith
113B – The Secret of the Healing Principle 1/5

A question is in the mail this morning from England. It opens up a very interesting subject. The letter, first of all was one of appreciation for the April Letter on the subject of immortality, and then one of appreciation for the fact that the message of The Infinite Way combines the letter of truth with the spirit of truth and makes an important point of the letter of truth. Since this man who was a metaphysical teacher has realized that trying to convey a spiritual idea without the letter of truth to act or to serve as an introduction, something into which we can get our teeth, is a difficult matter. And then the question comes up, “How are these messages to be given to the man in the street, more especially since the man in the street seems to have no desire to know anything about the reality, and if he is of the younger generation hasn’t even an intellect that could accept them since the educational systems today deprives people of their intellect substituting superstition and probably play times for education.
Now the question is interesting from this standpoint: If Jesus Christ were all the things that scripture tell us of his being, and if that could not be imparted to the man on the street, to average you and me, his life would only be that of a miracle worker and then we could naturally say, “Well, what of it?” Much in the same way that we would go to the theater to watch a great magician, but since we couldn’t do those tricks of magic, we would just watch this great one perform his things for us.
If the great truths revealed to the spiritual seers of all ages couldn’t be conveyed to the world at large, then these seers would only be, so far as we are concerned, magicians or miracle workers with no import in our experience. But you see the fact that there have been a dozen of these saints, or more, must indicate that in some way it is possible for us to become aware of these truths, these principles, and embody them in our experience. And if it is possible for us to embody these great truths, and demonstrate them, and in some measure live them, it must be possible for all mankind. There is no such thing as a law of God, which is meant for one man or for one group of men. There is no such thing as a law of God, which is meant for us, but not for our neighbors outside. It certainly would not be loving our neighbor as ourselves to believe that we have some capacity for good living that they haven’t got.
Now, it is true that if you present this message to the world as a spiritual truth or spiritual reality, you find that the public has no interest in it. If you present it to them as a way to get healthy, wealthy, and wise, they will have interest—not in the message, but in getting healthy, wealthy and wise, and thereby they lose the message. So the question comes, “Can you present this message in its purity and expect the world to lay aside its desire for demonstrating things and persons and conditions, or must you present it as a way to demonstrate things, conditions, and persons and trust that they will go further? Or is there yet another way? And the answer is this: There is yet another way.
Never can we present a pure spiritual teaching to what is called “this world.” As a matter of fact Jesus said, “My kingdom is not of this world,” or, “I have overcome this world.” So it would be an impossibility to present a message of this kind to “this world” and expect it to receive it. Nor would it be possible to take the other end of the stick and present it as a way of demonstration and expect the message to be understood, since once you focus a person’s attention on supplying them with the things which they already believe they need and want, you have no way of lifting their thought above those immediate desires into the realm of the spiritually real.
Now, I say there is yet another way, and this other way constitutes what I myself use in presenting this work to the public because it was evident to me too in the beginning that the public could never accept this work. As a matter of fact there weren’t too many of my own patients or students ready or willing to see that this was a lifting of oneself into a spiritual realm rather than bringing the spiritual realm down into making a better human experience. But this is the unfoldment that is actually responsible for whatever spread of the message there has been, and I am repeating it to you, not with any idea of your thinking of it in terms of the message of The Infinite Way, but so that you may embody it in your experience and thereby meet whatever problems present themselves to you as persons. Now, don’t think for a minute that this is simple or that it’s easy for me to present it to you. So let us be very, very much of one mind, receptive and responsive, so that you catch the point.
Error is never a person. It is never a thing. It is never a condition. And so never must we handle or take into our thought a person, a thing, or a condition. It is true error always appears as a person or a condition. And that is what has fooled the spiritual workers of the world—that error always appears as a person or a condition or a thing, and immediately there is aroused in the individual a rebellion, a resentment, or a battle against the person, the place, the circumstance, or the condition, and the war is lost. No person on earth or group of people, are our enemies! No sin and no disease is our opponent or antagonist. The longer you fight a person, a disease, a sin, or a condition, the longer you will be embroiled in what is called “this world.”
Now, you may walk out the door and trip on something that has no right to be there, and you may blame it on that thing being there or the person or the animal that placed it there, and thereby you lose your demonstration of harmony because it had nothing to do with that person, that animal, that thing. In the same way there may be some individual or group of individuals standing between you and your harmony, and you are trying to treat them or treat for them or treat that something be done about them. In other words, you are in antagonism, in resentment, in rebellion against them and you are directing your energies toward overcoming them or removing them or bringing them into harmony, thereby losing your demonstration. There may be some disease standing between you and harmony, and you are battling it and thereby digging a grave.

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