Treatment and Meditation 4/4

So that if you study these books and practice them, you will have at your fingertips—your mental fingertips—every one of these passages of truth so that you, too, can sit down and give a conscientious, intelligent treatment.

1959 Hawaiian Village Open Class

Joel S. Goldsmith

260A – Treatment and Meditation 4/4

You surely know that there are many, many people go into the healing work, in the metaphysical world, who are totally unprepared for it; and they go merely because they believe they are qualified by right of having a title or a degree or an authorization. Now that does not make a healer, and that is why we have so many failures in that work.

A healer, actually, is one who has yielded up so much of their humanhood, so much of the, “Ye have heard it said of old” state of consciousness, and have at least in a measure attained some of this: “But I say unto you” state of consciousness; the ability to “Forgive seventy times seven;” the ability to “Pray for one’s enemies;” the ability to “Resist not evil;” the ability to “Put up the sword” of antagonisms, hates, envies, jealousies, malices. When an individual has yielded and the Christ has taken over their consciousness, filling it full of this, “Forgive thy enemies,” state of being then we are prepared to be healed spiritually and to heal.

And you will find this, and I have found it in every one of the metaphysical and spiritual movements, that there are practitioners in every one of them, who have attained enough of the measure of Christhood, or Christ consciousness to be able to heal.

It doesn’t make any difference which approach they come through, what counts is what degree of spiritual consciousness do they attain; that is what determines their healing ability—not whether they belong to Infinite Way or Christian Science or Unity or New Thought, but what degree of spiritual consciousness they have attained, with whatever teaching they are working through.

So too, you will find the next case that will come to you will probably be a physical one—the organs or the functions of the body are not doing their jobs, or the muscles, or the bones, or the blood system. But remember, before you sit down to your treatment, you have wiped out the patient’s identity. You no longer have them in thought, because your treatment has nothing to do with a patient. Your treatment has to do with knowing the truth, and there is no truth about your patient or they wouldn’t be a patient. So you are going to know the truth, and you’re going to forget what they told you about their body, since you are not a physician. It really makes no difference to you whether it’s the heart, liver, or lungs, because you don’t know the difference between them, and actually you don’t even believe that it’s the heart, liver or lungs.

I don’t mind telling you, just between us, that there is a lady who writes to me and has been writing to me now for over twelve years. And she had a terrible cancer then and she still has a terrible cancer, but she doesn’t miss a week of her singing job, she doesn’t miss a week of her activities, she’s been remarried in the last few years, and she’s been on trips here, there and the other place all around the globe, but she still enjoys her cancer. Of course she didn’t have it then, she hasn’t got it now. But neither can she surrender it, but she knows I’m a wonderful practitioner, because she can keep on going and enjoying life, in spite of this terrible thing. You know better than that!

Now, actually, many of the people who come to us with cancers and heart disease haven’t any more of those claims than she has—a little pain comes up here and immediately it’s heart failure, and then they perpetuate it by holding it in their thought. So for you to sit down and work on heart failure or heart disease every time someone told you they had a heart pain would be as nonsensical as if a physician did it.

No, you are to forget the claim as fast as it is unloaded on you, and you are to forget the identity of that patient. You know that is one of the reasons that in my office there are no books and no records of who came and who called; the only time a name appears on my office pad is when I have an appointment ahead, and have to make a notation of the day or the hour; but there are no other names there; no other names for lists of treatment, no other names for lists of bills to be sent, no record of names and certainly no record of claims.

Now remember, you have been asked for help on a physical problem, and you’re sitting down to give your treatment, and immediately you’re forgetting who asked for help and what they asked for help for; although, of course, you can’t forget that it was a physical problem; that stays in your consciousness. It would be alright if you could forget it, but you can’t. And so, when you sit down your thought probably is at first: “The body in and of itself can’t be sick”… That word “sick” just rang a bell with me, sick…There is no sickness in the whole kingdom of God…Oh, well that wiped that out right away. Now I can forget even the word, sick. Just as fast as the word “sick” touched me, that was the response that came: “There is not a trace of sickness in the entire kingdom of God.” If there were, there would be no immortality, there would be no eternality, because sickness eventually leads to death—so there can’t be sickness in the whole kingdom of God. The only place sickness can be is in the mind of man… and the mind of man isn’t a creator; it’s the mind of God that creates—not man; therefore even man can’t create a disease. The best he can do is create the belief that he has one.

Now, that ends that. There is no sickness in the entire kingdom of God. What is the kingdom of God? Well to begin with, The kingdom of God is neither lo here nor lo there, so I couldn’t possibly attempt to describe it, I can’t even locate it; but at least I do know that the kingdom of God is made up of immortality, of eternality, life, love—why the whole ministry of Jesus Christ is one of love; therefore the kingdom of God must be a kingdom of love and if there’s a kingdom of love…Well surely, there it is again!…The Master’s whole ministry was saying: What did hinder you, pick up your bed and walk; neither do I condemn thee… Lazarus come forth, thou art not dead, thou sleepest. We’re all asleep, in so far as we believe in conditions of mortality—the kingdom of heaven is a state of grace.

Ah! now this comes to me: Under Moses you had the law, but under Jesus Christ we have grace; therefore the kingdom of God is a kingdom of grace, not of law; therefore, there can’t be laws of matter or laws of mind. There can’t be laws of weather or laws of climate or laws of food. There cannot be laws of limitation, because the whole kingdom of God is a state of grace. Ye have come out from under the law; you have become separate, come out from among them—you are no longer under the law, you are under grace.

Oh, do you see where you are now? Not once has your mind gone to that person or their claim; you have tabernacled with God. You have kept your conversation in heaven; and now you can sit back and say, “It’s your turn Father, ‘Speak Lord Thy servant heareth.” Remember that old hymn? “I will listen for Thy voice; I will listen for Thy voice.” Now this is not a hymn; this is a truth. This is a spiritual state of being; “I will listen for Thy voice. “Speak Lord, Thy servant heareth.” And you will find that a few moments of that quiet, of that peace, and something will come to you within: some feeling, some word, some message, some light, and you’ll know that God is on the field, and a smile will come to your face.

Someone else comes to you and asks for help, and this time, while they’re talking to you or something that they’ve written to you, brings to your mind that there is a power operating, a negative power, an evil power, a sinful power or a disease power operating in their experience. And so now you turn from them and their claim…That word “power”…hmm…This is an easy one, really, because we wouldn’t be even this far along the path if we didn’t believe in God. Probably, I shouldn’t have said that. Everyone thinks they believe in God, but I didn’t mean it in that sense. I mean by the time we have come to the metaphysical or spiritual way of life, we’ve gone beyond a belief in God; we’ve come to a conviction, if not the very experience itself that God is; and of course, our treatment’s going to be a very short one, because if God is, there isn’t any power but God. That can be the only meaning of God: infinite power, omnipotence.

And so that rules out the possibility of there being a material power or a mental power. There can’t be a power of the human mind; there can’t be a power of matter. Don’t misunderstand me. In the human picture, you’re always being presented with the power of the human mind and the power of matter; it is only when you come to the kingdom of God, and have risen above the “pairs of opposites” that you can say with your inner conviction, since there is a God, there is no material or mental powers, unless these are instruments for God, and then they’re good. (End of tape)

Surely now we know there is no evil or destructive power. That’s it. Is there a God? Does God exist? What is the nature of God? If God isn’t infinity, if God isn’t immortality, if God isn’t omnipotence, and if God isn’t omniscience, God isn’t God. But if God is these things, there is no such thing as a destructive, harmful, injurious, negative power. Ahh, when you’ve established that within yourself—God is, and there is no other power, you have given your treatment. Now you are ready: “Speak, Lord, thy servant heareth. I’m listening. I’m receptive and responsive. Just place the seal on this treatment.” Then it comes—that click, that inner assurance, and you are through with that.

Now, what I’ve tried to illustrate tonight, are the two points. First of all, there must be a you; there must be a me; there must be an I with complete dominion over mind and body so that we can sit down and give an intelligent treatment. That is, we can consciously know the truth, and not let the mind or the body keep us from our duty, our obligation, which in the end is our privilege and pleasure.

And, how do we come to know these truths that we must consciously declare? You must live in the word and let the word live in you. You must study these writings, you must study scripture. You must study these Infinite Way writings, because it is in these books that these particular principles are given, revealed, taught, and repeated, and iterated and reiterated over and over and over again, in a thousand different ways. So that if you study these books and practice them, you will have at your fingertips—your mental fingertips—every one of these passages of truth so that you, too, can sit down and give a conscientious, intelligent treatment.

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