The Mystical I (introduction)

As I promised you a couple of days ago, in the pdf section of the site will be published all the scripts of the talks (as very readable pdf’s) that comprise the book “The Mystical I”. And why would I do that? There is so much incredible material in it and it’s a joy to read it. Here a couple of examples:


How can God show us a way if
we are not listening, if we are busy
from waking up in the morning
until sleeping at night, and then
perhaps, well fuddled with television
beforewe go to sleep—believe
that God’s Grace is with us through
the night? We have shut God out

It’s so up to date and so to the point, here one more. The secret of an harmonious life:

The secret of an harmonious life
depends entirely on the degree in
which we can admit this Presence
of God, consciously. So that,
thereafter we may live in the consciousness:
“I have meat, I have
the Presence of God within me, and
IT is the substance of all form.”


Go to the pdf’s

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