Treatment and Meditation 2/4

What truth? Well your consciousness has just been given a terrible temptation.

1959 Hawaiian Village Open Class

Joel S. Goldsmith

260A – Treatment and Meditation 2/4

These are ancient paganistic forms of prayer, but they were the only thing the church had to work with; and it is only now that in many of the churches, they are realizing that a higher form of prayer is necessary, and they are beginning to accept these things that have been discovered and taught for the past seventy five years in the metaphysical world, and which have always been known in the mystical world.

Now, there is nothing wrong about those forms of prayer, any more than there is anything wrong with our forms of treatment. Remember that it isn’t a question of right or wrong; it is a question of degree of consciousness.

Now, because we are in this human state of consciousness at the moment, it is necessary that we start our prayer work with words and thoughts; and in the metaphysical and in the mystical world…No, in the metaphysical world, these are called treatments. In the mystical world, they are called more—realizations.

Now, the attainment of harmony is never accomplished by words or thoughts; that is why, going back to the churches that although we’ve had them for several thousands of years, there isn’t any more harmony on earth today with all of their prayers, than there were in the days of the Hebrews. They cannot bring harmony into this world, spiritual harmony, through their petitions or their praises, or adorations, or anything else that is expressed in words or thoughts; but neither can the metaphysician bring spiritual harmony into his experience through the words and thoughts of a treatment. The words and the thoughts of a treatment are but the introductions. These are but the aids given to us, to lift us into that atmosphere where words and thoughts are no longer necessary, but leave us in an inner communion through which God’s grace reaches us.

Now, I should explain right here that there are mental sciences which do accomplish works of bringing harmony into people’s experience through affirmations and denials and consciously knowing the truth, but this has no relationship to God or spiritual healing, except in the cases of those who through their prayers and, or treatments, rise above the treatments into the atmosphere of God. And this does happen to metaphysical workers in the mental sciences, just as frequently as it does to those in the spiritual sciences. And the reason is that when individuals rise so high in consciousness as to give themselves to a ministry, it automatically follows that regardless of what method they use, they do attain spiritual consciousness.

This explains why some practitioners in the mental science field do not succeed, and it also explains why some in the spiritual science work do not succeed. In both cases it is because those individuals remain on the level of their treatment without rising into the atmosphere of God consciousness.

So remember this, I have no word to say of right or wrong, either in the prayers of the churches or the treatments in the mental science, or the treatment in the spiritual science. I say this, that in whatever direction it is, and be assured of this. I do know of ministers and priests and at least two Rabbi’s in the orthodox churches who attain as much God consciousness as anyone that I have met outside of the churches. It merely means that they have risen above the beginning stages of their religious development and they have outgrown their baby-stage of mouthing prayers—just as in our mental science or in our spiritual science, we must rise above the mouthing of treatments into the atmosphere of God consciousness.

But the point that I am making now, and will for this balance of this year on my travels, you cannot eliminate that stage, that baby-stage if you will, of treatment, any more than the church could have eliminated its prayers; although those of you who will be here fifty years from now will witness such a transformation in the orthodox churches as will make you wonder whatever happened. For it is already apparent in many of these churches that they are starting groups within their own bodies, teaching them how to outgrow their present mode of worship.

Now, our students of The Infinite Way must not forget this. You will only rise into the true atmosphere of prayer and God consciousness by a thorough understanding and practice of the subject of treatment. A treatment means knowing the truth; treatment means consciously knowing the truth; treatment means applying principles of truth in your mind. In order to do this, you must first establish yourself as I having dominion over mind and body; for until you do that, you cannot give or receive a treatment correctly.

Now, let us assume for the moment that we have a problem of supply. We’re just taking that because it’s a common one. Even in the days of prosperity, problems of supply are not uncommon. And so we will take that subject, and assume, not that you have this problem, but someone has brought this to your attention. If you have some other metaphysical background than The Infinite Way, what I’m going to say to you will make it necessary for you to forget what you were taught, because we are not in agreement with any of the metaphysical movements on the subject of treatment. And therefore, if you are having satisfactory results in some other work, be satisfied. Do not attempt to combine it with our work in The Infinite Way, for you will not succeed, and you may find yourself worse off than you are at the moment.

To begin with, we never under any circumstances take the patient into our treatment; we never take their name into our thought; as a matter-of-fact, if they don’t tell us their name, we don’t ask it. We are not interested in their name or their identity, for our work has nothing to do with them; although they will receive the fruitage of it. How, you may ask, do they receive the fruitage of it instead of everybody else? Because they have brought themselves to our consciousness, and made themselves a part of it by asking for our help.

It is thy faith that has made thee wholedo you believe that I can do this thing? You are the prime factor in your experience, and to whom you submit yourself—them will you obey and from them will you receive. And so if you say to me, “Give me help,” you have made the necessary contact with me, even if I don’t know your name, or what you look like, or your identity.

And so it is that in our work, you must remember that the person does not enter the treatment, or you have spoiled the treatment, and you have made that act as a barrier against the success of your treatment. You must not under any circumstances take the person into your thought.

With that in mind, you have just been asked for help on the subject of supply, but now we take the next step and tell you that you must not take the claim into your meditation either; you cannot take lack or limitation, nor can you work on the subject of lack or limitation or abundance, nor can you in any way handle that problem. There’s only one thing that you can do, now that you have been asked for help on a problem of supply. You can turn from that person, and you can turn from that problem, and you can immediately begin to know the truth—consciously know the truth.

What truth? Well your consciousness has just been given a terrible temptation. You have just had a miserable appearance presented to you, and so you must know the truth—not about the problem. There isn’t any truth about a problem, but there is a truth about the truth. And that truth is this…And this is the first thing that must reach your consciousness—not necessarily in these words, but in some similar passages of scripture or metaphysical or mystical language, the first thing that must enter your thought is:

The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof

God constitutes the fulfillment of all being

God is the only supply

God doesn’t belong to anybody

the earth doesn’t belong to anybody

there isn’t anyone who can get supply.

God…this earth is God’s footstool, and all that is therein

God constitutes this universe

God’s presence fills this universe

God is the only life and the only law unto this universe.



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