Suggestions For Healing Work 5/7

Infinite Way Letter

November 1955

By Joel Goldsmith

Part 5 of 7

Suggestions For Healing Work

Excerpts from The Infinite Way

        “Why are we so slow in gaining our freedom from illness, discord and other material conditions? It is entirely because of our inability to grasp the great revelation that there is no reality to error.

        “So much attention has been given to faith in God to do something for us; or to faith in a healer or teacher, that we have over-looked the great error is not real—there is no matter.

        “We are learning from physical scientists as well as metaphysicians that what has been termed matter is a misinterpretation of Mind. Mind is God and God is Spirit, therefore all that exists is spiritual substance regardless of the name or nature ascribed to it by finite sense.

        “God is the Mind of the individual, therefore all that can come to us as person, thing or condition is coming to us as Mind, in Mind and through Mind, and God, Mind, is the Soul of every individual; God, Principle, is the law of all action; God, Spirit, is the substance of all of which we are conscious.

        “Through false education, which constitutes finite sense, we have come to fear certain individuals, things and conditions, not realizing that as these are coming to us through the avenue of consciousness they are all God-being, Mind-appearing, Spirit-substance. Material consciousness is the false finite sense which beholds the universe and man as limited; as being both good and evil. or  the pairs of opposites. Spiritual consciousness is the awareness of the individual as God-being; as having only the Mind which is God and the body of Spirit. It recognizes the entire universe as Mind-appearing and governed by divine Principle. Spiritual consciousness is the ability to see beyond the appearance to Reality. It is the recognition and realization that as God is our Mind, all that appears to us is in and of God which is our only consciousness.   “Spiritual consciousness does not overcome or destroy matter or material conditions but knows that no such conditions exist which finite sense presents. It translates the appearance for us, revealing the true nature of that which is appearing.

        “Spiritual consciousness lifts us above every human form of limitation and permits us to enter a larger sense of life, health and freedom. Where there is spiritual consciousness there is no bondage to person, place or thing and there are no limitations to our accomplishments.”
(The Infinite Way, Joel S. Goldsmith)                    Pgs. 89-92

 End  Part 5                                                                     

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