“The Mystical I” script as pdf

The Mystical I, presented as an free e-book

In the next couple of days you can expect the transcripts of the talks of Joel S. Goldsmith that were the resource for the book “the Mystical I”. Click on the name and you can read the book as a pdf.

“Joel shows us that this “Son of God I” is the I that “stands at the door and knocks” within each and every one of us awaiting recognition and acknowledgment. For ages this profound truth has been veiled by worshiping the one who reveals the Word of God, instead of the I abiding within each of us. As a result, we have lost touch with this true I, and that is the reason for all of our problems”.


2 Comments on “The Mystical I” script as pdf

  1. Many thanks, if there can be a favorite book, the Mystical I is my choice.


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