Suggestions For Healing Work 3/7

Infinite Way Letter

November 1955

By Joel Goldsmith

Part 3 of 7

Suggestions For Healing Work Cont’d

Ask, Seek, Knock

“Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you.”

Part One

These words of the Master have raised the question among students as to whether or not we are contradicting them when we say, Ask not, Seek not. There is no contradiction: instead, there is another question—What did the Master mean when He said, Ask, Search, Knock? As we come to understand more fully the message of Jesus Christ, we will know that to Ask, to Seek, to Knock, is all part of spiritual developments, but not in the sense of the world’s acceptance.

There are no vacuums, no lacks, no limitations, no negative conditions of any kind in a God world. There is no other world, except the false world of illusion which we have accepted and which, consequently, we hate, fear, or love. Only harmony exists in the God world. If this were not true, God would not be Something to be worshipped, sought, welcomed. If there were a single sin or disease or death in all the world, God would be responsible. Therefore, there are rumors of discords,rumors of disease, rumors of sin, and we accept them as if they were fact, and demonstrate them.

As long as the Church teaches her people to pray for persons and things, they will be deluded and misled by this concept of God and prayer. If the Church would open her doors that we might utilize the silence, the purity and the integrity established there by her own righteous motives, then we could enter and pray the prayer of Asking, Seeking, Knocking—not that the discords of the world be overcome, but that the inner Light showing forth the harmonies of God’s world be revealed.

We may seek the consciousness of Truth. We may ask for a realization of God as individual being. We may desire, even struggle, to attain that mind which was also in Christ Jesus; but we may not ask, or seek, or knock for a thing or a condition in the external realm, whether it be a person, a healing, an enrichment, employment, or a home. Our work is not that of trying to save or heal or redeem the world, but the revelation of God as individual being, which shows forth the non-reality of that which is appearing as negative conditions.

On this point we must unite, and I rejoice when I meet men and women who are willing to agree that the spontaneous healing work takes place not when we are battling sin and disease or trying to overcome it, but when we are uniting in the consciousness of our oneness in and with God. Let us, therefore, seek the Kingdom of God. Let us knock at the door of consciousness that this inner Light be revealed. Let us ask for spiritual wisdom, and then we will understand the prayer that reveals the Kingdom of God as intact, here and now, and that reveals the illusory nature of that which is appearing to us as the errors of the world.

There is hardly a day in which we do not accept a rumor about ourselves and about others. Usually, the rumor is not how good So-and-so is, but how sick, how sinful, how poor or how dead. Either we think it is too bad and we would like to do something about it (which is, of course, accepting the rumor at face value) or probably we think he deserved it. In either case we have accepted the rumor, and by such acceptance of a suggestion of a selfhood apart from God we have deferred the day of our own salvation. Every negative person or condition comes as a rumor or a temptation to believe in the actuality of a negative person or condition, and each time you do not immediately disregard such a rumor, by that much you delay your own spiritual unfoldment. What happens to the other fellow really is not too important, because sooner or later he must wake up for himself.

Each day you must learn to reject the rumors of negative conditions of mind, body and purse that would foist themselves upon your consciousness. This consciousness of Truth cannot be built in the moment. It is the work of eternity, and so time is of no importance. You will come into this awareness bit by bit, step by step. As the Hindu has said, it is like peeling an onion by removing one skin at a time. Although you may not seem to be making much progress, eventually the day comes when you discern the fact that “I and my Father are one,” and all is well with me and the universe.

In this consciousness there is no longer a hitting up against fear of the error and the resultant wondering what you can do about it, because the rumor is met instantly it touches your consciousness. Once you accept it and feel that you are not equal to it, you have lost your opportunity in that particular case, and it is well that you ask help of a practitioner. But eventually you must realize that this is not a question of a practitioner—this is a question of a rumor to be accepted as a fact or to be dismissed. Every day is lost and wasted until you learn that every discord and inharmony in your own life or that of others comes only as a rumor, a temptation, a claim of a selfhood apart from God; a belief in a presence or power apart from God. This realization is not going to come in its fullness in a flash, but you are on the way once you have undertaken this realization. Then each day becomes a day of Asking, Seeking, Knocking—not for the things of this world but for the realization that Thy Grace is maintaining this universe in its original integrity, purity, perfection, eternality and immortality.

“For every one that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened.”

End Part 3


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