Suggestions For Healing Work 1/7

Infinite Way Letter

November 1955

By Joel Goldsmith

Part 1 of 7


During a trip around the world in 1954, I met with many men who are willing to agree that people with all types and forms of religious backgrounds and teachings, and every method of approach, can unite in the realization of two things: first, the realization of God as individual being; therefore, our conscious union with God, our oneness with the Source of all Good. Second: the prayers of the Church cannot heal. One such man is Brother Mandus, who, after a spiritual experience, found that he was a healer, and who heads the World Healing Crusade which operates in Protestant Churches of all denominations throughout England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales and Holland. Brother Mandus is convinced that once people know that there is a healing power in spiritual Truth they will no longer be satisfied merely listening to sermons, and that eventually it will become necessary for the ministers of the Churches to attain the healing consciousness which will enable them to “go, and do thou likewise.” Fruitage of that already is seen in that many ministers are studying to attain this healing consciousness, and just recently the Church of England held a conference to which all the well-known healers were invited to participate in order that the Church might learn how healing is accomplished.

Before our meeting last year, Brother Mandus had read the Infinite Way Writings and wrote me stating how thoroughly in accord he was with that teaching, and how closely it paralleled his own unfoldment. I answered his letter and a correspondence and friendship developed between us. After meeting him I came away with the feeling that Brother Mandus is a state of realized consciousness—God-consciousness, Christ-consciousness; and that whatever healing he does is not through what he says or how he says it, but through the state of consciousness that he is. Although his Writings would seem strange to us, yet in between and behind it all you can see how the same consciousness is appearing on earth in that part of the country, doing the work in that way, while it is appearing on earth in this part of the country, doing it in this way. Although his work, in its presentation, is entirely different than ours, the ultimate motive is the same, and in order that you may see how universal this message is, I should like to share a portion of a recent letter.

My dear Joel,—I was very thrilled and deeply moved by your recent letter with its vibrant message of love, power and authority. I am with you all the way in your clear-sighted realization of God as the only power, and the only activity; and that therefore there is no need to battle with the negative beliefs, which are, in themselves, only a belief in a selfhood apart from God. In fact, all negative situations only have power when we ourselves recognize and deepen our awareness of them by concentrating in a battle to overcome them. Certainly I know in my ministry of healing that the spontaneous healings take place when we effectively know our oneness in God in a complete abandonment of effort to overcome anything. We rest in the Divine, and therefore there can only be the Divine, in full and free and perfect expression. In God there is no sickness, therefore sickness cannot exist, except when we insist upon separating ourselves from the Divine to believe in false appearances.

        It is so wonderful how the new realization is beginning to reach out to the masses. With you I see most wonderful possibilities of spiritual revival in our time, and by this I do not mean the old-fashion revival, but a new, stirring, vital revival which brings us all into the absolute Spirit, where the Almighty Power of God can blaze forth in perfect expression. What a wonderful age this is—never in history has there been such opportunity to bring millions of people into a central realization of their Divinity. It is such a comfort and strength to feel united with you in this oneness of Spirit, therefore oneness with each other. In Spirit, therefore, “all that I have is thine,” and infinite powers and potencies are released in you and in me, and in all whose lives touch ours. I rejoice with you, and give thanks that it is so.

        Great events are in the making, and you truly say that this will be a wonderful year. Bless you for writing, and my spirit fuses with yours long before these words can reach you in print. At this moment I am absolutely at one with you, and you know that God uses me to bless you, and you to bless me, for He it is who doeth all the work. A thousand blessings, and love from us all.                                                 
Yours devotedly,
Brother Mandus”

Does this not show forth a beautiful spirit of oneness, and is this not a breaking-down of “my” teaching and “thy” teaching, of this Church’s teaching and that Church’s teaching, into the realization of the Truth that there is but one Spirit, and that that Spirit will raise up your mortal body, even as It raised up Jesus Christ from the dead? That Spirit is not Jew nor Gentile, Christian nor Mohammedan, Oriental nor Occidental—that Spirit is God Itself permeating human consciousness wherever human consciousness is willing to open itself without prejudice, without bias, without limitation, and realize that this is the Spirit of God in me, working through me for your blessing; that this is the Spirit of God in you, working through you for my blessing, since we are one in Christ Jesus.

End Part 1

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