Now think… let us say you have ten minutes, ten minutes separate and apart from the world,set ten minutes to shut the world out ten minutes away from the telephone, ten minutes for contemplating God,and the things of God; ten minutes for spiritual realization. Remember, the world outside doesn’t have the capacity to give ten minutes to this, it is only those who have in some measure been touched by the Spirit of God, who have the capacity to sit for ten minutes in his contemplation.

Think… ”I and my Father are ONE

The Father has said to me Son, thou art ever with ME,

and all that I have is thine

I have all that God has.

All that God has is mine.

The earth is the Lords, and the

fullness thereof, and all that the

Father hath, is mine, in this ONENESS.

Of my own self I am nothing,

but in this ONENESS with my Father—

all that the Father hath is mine.

Just think, MY   peace give I unto thee.

There is no limitation in the amount of peace that I have

because, I have been given the Christ peace,

the MY peace, capital M-Y,

the Christ peace has been given unto me.

MY peace give I unto you.”

Therefore, when the question is asked “What have I in the house?” I can answer, “I have the full measure of Christ peace. What have I in the house? I have all that the Father hath, for the Father has given His allness, unto me. God has even reathed into me His life.

Therefore, I have in my consciousness life eternal. Life eternal ah yes,

I am come, the Christ has come that I might have life

and that I might have it abundantly.

Therefore I have in my house, I have in my consciousness:

life and life abundant; infinite life;

[e] eternal life; because this Christ has said,

“I am eternal life.”

Therefore I have received the Gift of God, eternal life,

so I have in my consciousness, eternal life…

I have an infinity of supply, because

the Father says, or the Christ reveals:

“Your heavenly Father knoweth, that you have need of

these things, and it is His pleasure to give you, the Kingdom.”


I have—the Kingdom of God within me. . .

and this is the Kingdom of all that I shall ever need.

have in my consciousness: eternal life; infinite supply; divine peace.

The peace that passeth understanding I have.

And just think… as you contemplate this… for a few moments each day, five minutes, ten minutes each day—you carry into your world, this awareness of the Presence, of all that God is and all that God has. As a gift that has been bestowed

upon you, by the Grace of God. Just think, if you have contemplated that this week, that that is the reason—there is peace in this room. You have brought the peace that passeth understanding. If there is love in this room—you have brought the love that is without limit. If there is supply in this room—you have brought God’s storehouse. All that the Father hath is yours, and you have brought it here. Now remember, that what you have brought here, to make of this room, a temple of God. . . by your morning contemplation at home of this Truth—you bring to your business; to your office; or… you bring to your home. You make of your home a temple of God; you do not find love in your home; you bring love, to your home. You won’t find it there: it isn’t on the floor; it isn’t in the air; it isn’t on the ceiling. Love isn’t anywhere except where you bring it. And if your family, is to find love they will find it because you who are attuned to God. . . bring it there. And if your family does not find love in your home, you have neglected, to bring it there. For you, who have been led to a spiritual teaching have been given the Grace, to know this Truth. Whereas those of your family, those of your business, who are represented by “The natural man who receiveth not the things of God”. . . they cannot bring this peace: to their business; to their homes; to their automobile driving. Only those, who have the Spirit of God indwelling are children of God. Only those who have the Spirit of God indwelling have been given the peace that passeth understanding. Therefore, remember: what you find present in this room at this moment. . . you have brought. So remember what you bring; or what you find in your home; in your business; in the world. . . is what you bring to it. What have you in your consciousness? This is the password, this is the signal of meditation. What have I in my consciousness? And the answer is, “Of myself I have nothing, but by the Grace of God—all that the Father hath, is mine. The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof, and all that the Father hath, is mine.”

Therefore, I have been given, MY peace, the Christ peace. I have been given all these added things because my heavenly Father knoweth that I have need of these. . . and it is His good pleasure; it is His good pleasure; to fulfill me.

Therefore, I have in my house, fulfillment. Fulfillment! I am filled full of the Grace of God, by the Grace of God. “All that the Father hath, is mine… If you ask me, I can give you bread; eating it, you will never hunger; I can give you living waters; drinking, you will never thirst. And now remember, this is what you are saying in your household; in your business; in this world; only you are saying it silently, secretly. You are never voicing it openly, because the, command of the Master is above all things, that you do your praying secretly; that you let no man hear you; or see you. Your praying is done in the inner sanctuary of your consciousness. Your praying is done in silence, in secret, and what this Father seeth in secret He rewardeth openly… What the Father seeth or heareth in secret is shouted from the housetops.

But you, you silently, sacredly ask yourself “What have I in the house?” And silently, sacredly, secretly you answer yourself, “I have the Grace of God… All that the Father hath is mine… I have been given MY peace… I have been given quietness, and confidence, and stillness… The Father hath breathed His Life into me therefore, I have God’s life, which is eternal Life, immortal Life… I have that mind, which was also in Christ Jesus… I bring to this room, I bring to my home, I bring to my family, I bring to my business, I bring to my students, I bring to my patients that mind which was in Christ Jesus.”

What makes it, the mind that was in Christ Jesus? The fact that knowing that I have all that God has—I have no human desires. I seek nothing of any man. I and my Father are ONE, and I receive all that I need because. . . “My Father knoweth that I have need of these things, it is His good pleasure to give me the Kingdom.” Therefore I seek nothing of anyone, except the privilege of sharing God’s Grace. I already have all, therefore I pray only—the opportunity to share, that which the Father hath given to me. Note the difference in your home, note the difference in your business, note the difference out in the world, when you can: silently, sacredly, secretly say to yourself:

. Thank God. I ask nothing of any

man except that we love one another.

I ask only the privilege of

sharing, God’s All-ness, which is

already mine. By right of divine

Sonship—I am heir of God to all

the heavenly riches. Why should I

look to man whose breath is in his

nostril for anything?

Do you see then… that one of the reasons there is so much peace in this room, is that you did not come to get anything from anyone, you came here only. . . to abide in the Presence of God; to spend an hour tabernacling with the Spirit of God; that is in me and is in you.