Ten Minute Meditations 1/4 (Introduction)


By: Joel S. Goldsmith

1962 Princess Kaiulani Open Class

 Tape 475 – Side 2 (2 of 6)

Good morning….. Last Sunday, we took up the subject of Ten Second Meditations—that is the meditations that, we practice in this Message of The Infinite Way. . .throughout the day and the night.

And of course these serve, to fulfill scripture in our experience. That is… they keep the mind stayed on God. They enable us to acknowledge Him in all our ways… that He may give us rest and peace. In other words, these brief meditations serve—to maintain the contact between us, and our source.

You know from your studies, that

“The natural man receiveth not the things of God.

The natural man is not under the Law of God,

neither indeed can be.”


“If so be the Spirit of God dwell in you, then do you become,

Children of God, and if Children of God then heirs.”

But, in order that we may be Children of God; in order that we may have, the Spirit of God dwelling in us—it becomes necessary, that we establish,within ourselves.. . that contact with our source.

Now this is described by the Master, in the fifteenth chapter of John.

“If you abide in the Word;

If you let ME abide in you—you will bear fruit richly.

If you do not abide in the Word;

If you do not let ME, the Christ Spirit, dwell in you

you will be as a branch of a tree that is cut off, withers, and dies.”

Now ordinarily it is taught, in most religious teachings that we have a choice that there is such a thing as free will and that we can choose. . . to be spiritual, or to live spiritually that we can choose. . .to abide in God, and let God abide in us. And of course, this is a myth. No one has such a choice at all. If, the natural man, had such a choice knowing what it means to be an heir of God. . . can’t you imagine that everybody under the canopy of heaven would be rushing to live in the Word and let ME live in them. Once you witness the peace, the joy, the health, the prosperity that comes to those who abide in God—you certainly know, that everyone would want that if. .. they had the capacity to accept it, to choose to receive it. Do you not know, that….. there are, groups of religious people… of whom… there are none in any of the prisons of the world; very few ever reach a mental institute, in the world; all of whom, know at the very least, eighty percent, of health and harmony, in their experience?

Do you know that, these groups? numbering more than a million went through the ten years of depression without relief roles, without recourse to charity? Why certainly, those who abide in the Word and let ME abide in them they bear fruit richly . . . and this has nothing to do with whether, there is a world depression or a world war. They still live in safety and in security and in peace and you would think that from their example that all of the rest of the world would rush in and say, “Let me have some of that too.” But it isn’t true, and the reason is they do not have choice. No one has choice, to live the spiritual life.

In the same way, if the Spirit of God has touched you, you have no choice to live a life of sin. Once the Spirit of God has touched you, you have no choice. You could not possibly: go out into a life of dissipation, or a life of sin, because you are, bearing spiritual fruit richly; you are governed by God; you are guided away from accidents… temptation. . . and even if the temptation were presented to you it would not be a temptation, because your consciousness would not be at that level of life.

Just for a moment think of the people living in misery, who could be freed by bringing themselves under the Law of God. . . yet who haven’t the capacity, to bring themselves under that Law. It is however true: that those who have been touched by the Spirit; who have been led; for whatever reason to a spiritual teaching, to the following of a spiritual Way of life. . . they can enhance, their harmony; they can increase the measure of their safety, security, peace, joy, prosperity; they can do all of this by following a program of religious experience, such as is revealed by the Master Christ Jesus. But of course not only by Christ Jesus. You will find that in the Oriental scripture, they have this same program of dwelling in God; of abiding in the Word; of keeping the Word of God alive in their consciousness. They have many different means of accomplishing this. We have primarily two ways, [the] they are both parts of the activity of meditation. But one, is this ten second or twenty second meditation, as we took up last week.

The other, is the contemplative form of meditation, which we reserve for those periods of the day or night, when we can take five or ten or fifteen or twenty minutes. . . for the practice of consciously abiding in God, and in the Word of God; and letting the Word, abide in us… In order to properly meditate or, to develop this ability to practice meditation it is necessary, to understand. . . at least a few of the principles of life, the spiritual principles in order that these may be embraced in the meditation. A meditation that has in it no spiritual principle, that has in it no conscious awareness of a spiritual principle, is not beneficial. As a matter of fact it can lead to just a mental stillness. . . without any signs following; without any spiritual fruitage. It is for this reason that when You meditate, you must know why you are meditating; you must also know, the principles. . . to bring into your meditation. And, for that purpose, let us today take the principle.

Principle, the main Principle of life upon which, an harmonious existence can be experienced. First of all, let me say that, I am “I”. Now each one of you to yourselves, declare that: I am “I”, because that is indisputable. You aren’t someone else; you are yourself; I am “I”….. In the great lesson on supply, taught in the Hebrew scripture, the Master, says to the poor widow looking for supply, “What have you, in your house?” Not what do you want, not how much do you want? “What have you? What do you already have in your house?” Now let us watch how… this works out, in practical experience. We are… hundred and fifty or more people, gathered together in one room, and as you can easily see and feel there is peace in this room. There is quiet, there is stillness, confidence. . . certainly there is an absence, of hate, of bigotry, bias, of jealousy. So let us ask ourselves this how did this peace get here? Or, how was this bias, bigotry, hatred, eliminated?….. The answer is clear: you brought into this room the peace that is here; you didn’t find it here; there was no peace in the air, or, on the ceiling, or on the walls. Whatever peace, quiet, confidence is in this room whatever love; is in this room. . . you brought.

Whatever of hatred; jealousy; discord; is not in this room, you did not bring into the room. . . and that’s why it isn’t here. In other words, we may then say, “What have you in your house? What have you in your consciousness? You have love; you have life; you have a cooperativeness; you have peace… What have you; what did you bring; into this temple? This temple is the temple of God, but what made it so? Not a ceiling, walls, and floor, not the beautiful scenery. What makes of this a temple of God? Your being here in peace; your being here in love; your being here in mutuality, of whatever name or nature. Then, it is not that this building is a temple of God, it is that you are the temple of God.

“Know ye not, ye are the temple of God… Ye

are the temple of God, if so be…”

you left your personal feelings outside, if so be, you left human limitations, anger, fear, jealousy, outside; if so be, you brought into this room, in your consciousness the love and the peace we feel here. But because we do feel it, because we do see it, because we are cognizant, of the peace, that is in this room we know beyond measure, you brought it. You brought it. This peace, is something that [is] abides in your consciousness, and you brought it with you. The degree of peace, the degree of love, the degree of joy, the degree of healing consciousness that is in this room is the degree that you brought in your consciousness. There can be no greater degree, of healing consciousness than that which you brought with you. There can be no greater degree of health than that which you brought with you. There can be no greater degree of supply than you brought with you. Now, how much you brought with you depends on how much Truth you know: about your consciousness; what constitutes your consciousness; who you are; what your true identity is.

Now “Who do men say that I am?” And of course, if the men are just human beings, if they have no spiritual discernment, they will say that “am a Hebrew prophet, or a resurrected Hebrew prophet or, somebody brought down from the human past.” But “Whom do ye say that I am?” And now he’s addressing his disciples, those to whom he had already given a great measure of spiritual Light. “Whom do ye say, that I am?” And the answer from Peter is,

Thou art the Christ; Thou art the Son of God.”

Now… if you know, that Peter was revealing your true identity; if you know, that when the Master said, “Your Father and my Father,” he was referring to your consciousness and my consciousness; if you realize that the ministry of Christ Jesus—was a revelation of man’s spiritual Sonship. . . then you will know, that God constitutes your consciousness and therefore— you can bring: infinite peace into this room; infinite harmony; infinite healing consciousness; infinite supply; and only in one way—by knowing that

“I and the Father are ONE, and Son thou art ever with ME and all that I have, is thine.”

Now think… let us say you have ten minutes; ten minutes separate and apart from the world; set ten minutes to shut the world out; ten minutes away from the telephone; ten minutes for contemplating God, and the things of God; ten minutes for spiritual realization. Remember, the world outside doesn’t have the capacity to give ten minutes to this—it is only those who have in some measure been touched by the Spirit of God, who have the capacity.

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