Reality Experienced 4/4

1955 Kailua Study Group

Joel S. Goldsmith

124B – Reality Experienced 4/4

So it is, if you’re in healing work, and if you are thinking of consumption or cancer or paralysis or headache or lameness, heredity, and if you get to a place in your thought where you can’t think it through, there is no way to think a healing into existence, and you come face to face with that blank wall. Why there is no thought that I could think that has influence out there. I’m absolutely helpless so far as thought is concerned, and when you reach that blank wall, that is the split second in which the soul function comes through, and gives you that feeling of Reality, of God on the field, and then is when the news begins to come that change has come for the better.

That is when you reach the point that the Master gave us—I can of my own self do nothing. Who by taking thought can add to his stature one cubit? Take no thought for your life. When you get to that blank wall where all thought comes to an end, it is in that second that Reality comes to the rescue.

Let’s go back again. What does scripture mean when it says, “They have only the arm of flesh, we have the Lord, God Almighty?” What does scripture mean when it says, “Carnal weapons, but we have the sword of the Spirit?”

Do you think, for a moment, that these are just fancy words in a book? No, no, the world has weapons of flesh. They have weapons of physical strength and mental strength, but we have this invisible Reality, that is we have It when we have left off using physical and mental thoughts and let this soul presence into expression.

And so it is about carnal weapons—the weapons of physicality and the weapons of mentality, but the sword of the Spirit is an absolute no thing. It is a presence and a power that is only achieved in the absence of thing and thought. It is attained only at that moment of grace, at that moment of no thing and no thought. So in contemplating, take also: “They have only the weapons of flesh, the arm of flesh, we have nothing, no thing.” We need nothing, no thing, we need a state of no thing-ness, and in this state, when we require no thing and no thought, It, Consciousness springs into force.

If you cannot explain how a crop grows in the ground before the seed is planted there, if you cannot explain how a sun and moon can get into the sky, then you can understand why, in healing work, you must eventually come to the place of no explanation, of no affirmation, and of no denial, because you are virtually expecting to do the same thing in healing work as making a crop grow without seed.

You are going to make harmony appear where there isn’t any harmony. You are going to make health appear where there isn’t any health, or you’re going to make abundance appear where there is complete lack, and you’re going to do it all without the arm of flesh. You’re going to do it all without physical means or mental means.

Now you can’t explain that, and since you can’t explain it you can see also that no explanation and an affirmation or denial would do anything for you, and so you’ll come to the place in healing work that we are trying to develop, in this particular work, to where you realize that nothing that I could do will do anything, nothing that I can think will do anything, so the best thing for me to do is be still and let God announce Itself, let Reality appear, let harmony appear, let good appear.

Then you’ll see that you are at that place where you are not dependent on physical means or mental means, where you are actually waiting for the Spirit Itself to bear witness with our Spirit. We are actually waiting for the Christ. You don’t know what the Christ is. All the affirmations and denials in the world do not…no explanation that’s ever been put in print can explain what the Christ is.

You’ve merely got one more explanation to tell you about what the last explanation didn’t make clear, and so we could go on giving more and more explanations and at the end you’ll still say: “Yes, but I still don’t know what the Christ is,” and of course, you never will know what the Christ is by explanation, by reading, by analysis, or by definition. You’ll only know by experience, and you can just as well know in the beginning as in the end by going to the same place of getting it where every seer has gone to and found it—that is within-ness, that is in letting Reality voice Itself, express Itself, by knowing: I can of my own self do nothing; I can of my own self know nothing; and now let us sit in this contemplative silence until It, capital I-t reveals Itself. Let’s do it again.


Do you see why your ordinary prayers are unproductive, or why the prayers of the world are unproductive? To begin with, they are just statements that issue from the mind. Behind them is no actual faith, confidence, or belief that they’re going to be productive. There may be a hope. There may be a vague, vague hope, sometimes there may be a desperate hope, but no actual substance is behind the words, in other words, no consciousness behind the words, no power behind the words. It is lip service or vain repetition.

That is why the Master says, “That all who call themselves Christ will not get into heaven.” In other words, all your Christly prayers, all the word Christ on your lips, or Jesus, or God, all the supplications that come out of the heart, and most of the affirmations and denials are nothing more nor less than mental exercises, and have nothing to do with man’s soul center, with that actual soul faculty, that place within us which is called Reality.

Now, when you go into meditation or prayer for the realization or establishment of harmony in human affairs, it can be made productive only if you can get so far within yourself as to feel that emanation of God, that unfoldment of Reality from within yourself so that you actually can say to yourself: “Oh, it happened. I felt it.”

Now, these prayers that come out of the lips formed with the mind, and very often not even formed with the mind, just read out of book, they have no more relationship to God than a speck of dust spread over an open wound to cause healing. It won’t work.

There is no power in these mental exercises, or vain repetitions. There is no power in them, no spiritual power whatsoever. There is in mental practice a degree of hypnosis called autosuggestion or suggestion, in which the mind is temporarily hypnotized and can be made to say, I am well, when really there is no wellness.

Sometimes just these vain repetitions will act hypnotically on us to make us give up some of our forms of ignorance, and sickness, or sin, but that has no relationship at all to spiritual well‑being, or to a spiritual life lived through prayer and meditation, or through a harmonious life brought about by living in prayer and meditation.

You see, prayer and meditation have to do with this spiritual realm, the kingdom of God, which is within you, and harmony, spiritual harmony, wholeness, perfection in your experience, in your human experience, must come forth from the kingdom of God within you, or from what the Master called “The Father within me,” or what Paul called “The indwelling Christ, the Christ within, the Christ in me.”

Now this, you must remember, is not lip service. It is not vain repetition. It is not a form of mental exercise. It is an actual experience that must take place deep down within yourself, that area of your being which is Consciousness, or Reality, and when you have that deep inner experience, you have touched God, or you have been touched by God, and then it is that the Son of God takes command of your life, and brings forth harmony, wholeness, completeness, and perfection.

Please do not be satisfied while your prayers or meditations are on the mental level. I do not mean to give them up, but do not believe that that part of your prayer or meditation is effective. It is only effective in helping you to reach the experience of the soul, but until you actually reach it, you have not brought forth the presence and power of the Father within to do these mighty works on earth. So that, when you say “Ah yes, this world has only the arm of flesh to use against me,” don’t rest satisfied unless you have actually felt that you have the Lord God Almighty, and that has to come to you with feeling. That has to come to you with an actual sense of Reality.

You must have it as clear, as clearly expressed within you as you have your home address or the multiplication table. It must be an actual experience, not just a mental exercise or lip service.

Thank you, and that is that for today.

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