1955 Kailua Study Group

Joel S. Goldsmith

124B – Reality Experienced 3/4

Consciousness is the Source. Consciousness is the power of Reality, and that Consciousness, while It cannot be found in your body, that Consciousness is right present where you are. As the poet said, “closer to you than breathing, nearer than hands and feet.” That Consciousness is right where you are and there’s no use of wasting time trying to find It. It is where you are, because It is your consciousness. It is that through which you are even aware of being in this room.

How are you aware of being in this room? There is another idea of contemplation. Something invisible is the state of awareness or consciousness, and that is the activity through which you hear, by which you hear, and see, and know, and reason, and think. Behind it all is this Consciousness, and It is called God, or it is called Reality.

You can see why, when Reality appears as form, you mustn’t call it unreality. It isn’t unreality. It is form. The way in which you see it may be unreal. In other words, if you see the sky sitting on a house over there, the way you are seeing it is unreal, but there’s no unreality out there. In other words there is no sky actually sitting on a house, so there’s no unreal condition out there.

The unreality is in your vision of the form that you’re witnessing, since the form “sky” really exists and the form “house” really exist, and each is in their own place, but the way in which you are seeing them, beholding them, that is a state of unreality, but out there is not a state of unreality.

In the same way, this form in front of me, pine tree rock is not an unreality. It is consciousness appearing as form, but the chances are that the way I’m seeing it is not the way it actually is there. I may entertain a distorted appearance of it.

I can only illustrate that this way—that if there now appears to be a blur there, the blur isn’t out there. The blur is up here. Do you see that? The unreality isn’t out there. It’s in the way I behold the form.

The form is Consciousness appearing as form. Now this body is the temple of the living God, but you’re not seeing it that way, but not because it isn’t. It is. This is the temple not made with hands, eternal in the heavens, but your eyes are blurred, and so you see it as so many inches high, and so many pounds heavy.

It really isn’t your vision that’s blurred. It’s our mortal, material sense of things, which is universal to all of us, but, could you rise in consciousness to that place of no thing, nothingness, to that place of absolute attunement with the rhythm of the universe, you would then behold this body as it really is.

That’s what very often happens when practitioners are in treatment. Some times they catch, if they rise high enough, they catch a glimpse of the real body, and it isn’t a physical form or a female form, or a male form, and yet it is form.

It is as tangible as that which we see with the eye, only we’re seeing it with the soul and we’re seeing it as it is, as if somebody had great enough eye vision to look out there and see the sky up in the sky, and the house down on the ground, and all that space in between.

Well, of course, our limited sense of vision doesn’t permit that, and so it is that our limited sense of soul vision only permits us to see the divine form, whether physical form, bodily form, or tree form as it is, and only when in periods of enlightenment. We are told that we will then awake thou that sleepeth. We will then behold Him as He is and we will be satisfied with that likeness.

Yes, if we can ever see each other through the soul sense, then we will be well satisfied with each other, and we do see each through the soul sense whenever a healing takes place. That’s what takes place in a healing. That’s what causes a healing. When one individual beholds Reality, any form of discord or distress then in range of that consciousness disappears. That is what constitutes healings—the attainment on the part of one individual, of even one single second of Reality, in that single blink of an eye, of beholding or witnessing Reality, the healing takes place.

The tragedy is that no matter how often we attain these moments of Reality, we are not able to maintain them in their fullest extent. If we did the chances are we would just walk up and down the street and half the people that we pass in the street would instantly jump into their health and harmony, but it isn’t so.

At a certain period of development there is a transition, you pass into it, and everybody who is receptive and responsive does receive some measure of good, of harmony from contact or association with you, but not to the extent that you would like to see it, and the reason is that you’re not able to hold that intense soul vision for long enough periods, and you have to keep going back into It continuously.

That is why those actively engaged in the work find it necessary to spend four, five, or six hours, during the night in meditation. In the first place, during those hours they attain more frequent periods of spiritual illumination. It only lasts a second or a minute, but in that second or a minute someone who has turned to them for help receives it, and so if they can just attain it three, five, eight, ten, twelve times during that night’s period, when everything else is quiet, they are doing good healing work, and then it so lifts them that it carries them through all the rest of the day, in some measure, so that everyone gets some benefit of good from the contact, but, for the highest spiritual work there must be frequent returns to this Center of one’s being for the attainment of this Reality.

It, It, Itself must come into activity, and then It wipes out the discordant appearances. Man doesn’t do it. We don’t do it. We don’t do it. You never will, but as you attain that moment of soul realization, It—Reality will do it, and It does it in the same way that intelligence removes two times two as five—merely by seeing that two times two is five isn’t right, and that drops it, and the minute that drops it, the word “four” springs into being of its own accord, and you wonder where it came from, and you say why didn’t I think of that before? You didn’t think of it before because you didn’t know it before.

Now, whatever discords and inharmonies remain in our experience, or in the experience of those who turn to us is due only to our lack of attaining this experience or moment of Reality, because Reality dispels it. The attainment of the consciousness of Reality dispels any form of illusion.

Okay, let us then contemplate Reality, which is no thing, and it’s no thought. It’s neither a thought nor a thing, and if you can get back there to where there’s no thing and no thought, that’s It.

I just want to illustrate this to show you another way of attaining. We’re taking now the illustration of which came first—the chicken or the egg? And at first, of course, our thought goes to the egg, because that’s the natural thing for us. We know that chickens come out of eggs, but if that is true, where did the egg come from? Now our mind goes to the chicken because we know that eggs come from chickens. Yes, but there was no chicken, there was only an egg—egg, chicken, chicken, egg. And then you come to a blank. You come to a stop because we can’t go any further. You’re stumped right there.

Thought can’t reason behind which is which, and so thought, reason comes to a stop, and you’ll look, and it’s in that second when the realization comes—why I can’t think this through, because there is no reasoning process to reveal whether the chicken is first, or the egg is first, because there’s no way of reasoning how an egg got into existence if there were no chicken, any more than there is a way to reason how a chicken got into existence if there were no egg, and now I’m up against a blank wall, and it is that blank wall that constitutes the split second in which the answer comes to you from within, because there is an answer.

It has a perfectly good, logical, reasonable answer, which will satisfy you, but it won’t come through the reasoning mind. It will come in that split second when you come face to face with the fact that there is no answer in the mind; then one comes up from the soul.