Reality Experienced 2/4

1955 Kailua Study Group

Joel S. Goldsmith

124B – Reality Experienced 2/4

It is said that one Christ can a lift a million people. Why, one Christ could lift ten million people. One Christ could lift a billion people, because the Christ is Itself that Reality. But one individual attaining the Christ, and that’s the meaning of that statement, one individual attaining a touch of that Christ can raise a million, or two, or three, or five million.

Now, this which we call the Christ, or God, or Reality is this Infinite Invisible. It is a Something with a capital “S”, an unknown Something, and Something which you will never know. You may experience It, not only may, you probably will, many already have. You can experience It and you can see Its fruitage, but you can never know It, Itself any more than you can know electricity. You might get hit with electricity, or you might see all the benefits of electricity, but electricity itself has never been seen. This is even beyond the realm of electricity.

No man has ever seen the face of God and lived. In other words, no man has ever seen the face of God. No man knows what God is. No man knows what God is—not even the son, but the Father. Only the Father knows the Father. Only God knows Itself.

And so, in those moments when physically and mentally we are at peace, in that moment God is experienced. Reality is experienced, this presence and power is experienced, and It exterminates error from our experience.

Now, let us think of the word “Reality” as meaning this infinite, invisible substance, presence, power or law. Let us not try to know It, but rather to experience It. So that as we sit in meditation, and begin with the contemplation of Reality, of the invisible, contemplate within your own mind, think of the fact that out of nothingness—well, we’ll go back to vaudeville for a little while, for a minute anyhow, and ask the question: “Which comes first, the chicken or the egg?”

And if you like, you can contemplate that old bit of vaudeville, only do it seriously. Which did come first? The chicken or the egg? If the egg, where did it come from? Since there was no chicken from which it could come. If the chicken came first, where did it come from, since there was no egg from which it could be hatched?

And so it is, you can go to your garden and ask which came first—the seeds or the trees? If the seeds, where did they come from since there were no trees to drop them? If the trees were first, where did they come from since there were no seeds from which they could spring? That’s contemplating the invisible, because in the end you will arrive at the right place you ought to be and want to be—no place, experiencing nothing—no thing. You’ll be suspended in the air trying to find the answer to these questions, contemplating Reality from the standpoint of where did creation come from?

You know scripture passes over it very quickly by saying that the crops were in the ground before the seed was made. That’s very beautiful. I wish you would take my word for that just as readily, but you won’t, and you shouldn’t, but you should contemplate that original passage of scripture that the crops were in the ground before the seed. As a matter of fact, light came very late in the process, didn’t it?

You see, if you ever try to explain a healing you will be just in the same position as scripture trying to explain how the crops got here without seeds, or if the seeds were first, how they got planted and raised without farmers, because man, you know, was the last thing created.

Here we had no farmers but we had crops in the ground, trees, fruit, everything that man is supposed to be responsible for, we had before there was a man, and so, contemplating that you are contemplating Reality, and you will ultimately be led back to a blank wall that is called “nothingness.” You will get to an actual place where the mind can’t get back any further.

It will, perhaps for a while, be on the merry-go-round of thinking of the seed being created without any tree to come from, or the tree being created without any seed to come from, and as you contemplate that, and contemplate, finally you’ll come to an absolute place of stillness where you’ll say there is no answer, and then, in that very split second the answer will appear, and you’ll see how all things spring out of nothingness.

You’ll also see why the word “nothing” of old was considered the greatest synonym for God—nothing meaning “no thing.” There couldn’t be any truer description of God than that. There is no thing that you can contemplate. It is no thing that you can witness. It is no thing at all except in the sense of an experience, but in experiencing It you almost can see the sins, and diseases, and lacks rolling right away from in front of you as if just by a miracle “poof” and they’re gone, or you can see them gradually fade away, and yet realize no material remedy has been applied. They’re just fading away because of nothing, of no thing. In this way you will eventually get back to that place that we are trying to bring forth in consciousness in this work that we’re doing in this Kailua Study Group.

You see, the object of what we’re doing is this—coming to a state of consciousness where you do not think healings into being, where you realize that no amount of taking thought is ever going to make a white hair black, or add one cubit to your stature.

No amount of taking thought is going to make you richer, and nobody else’s thinking is going to make you poorer, that all that you are and all that you demonstrate is an emanation of the nothingness that you achieve at the center of your own being.

It’s almost like bringing yourself into the rhythm of the universe and finding that the rhythm carries you, and yet, what is the rhythm of the universe, since nobody has ever seen it—touched it, tasted, or smelled it, or heard it.


While you are contemplating this Invisibility, this unseen Reality appearing as form, while you’re busying yourself right up here, gently with that contemplation, way, way in the back of you, you will be creating a vacuum of personal sense, and all of a sudden, in a moment that ye know not, and in the moment when ye think not, that Reality will announce Itself, reveal Itself, and again you will know It by the experience and by Its effects, but even then you will not know It as of Itself.

It is literally true that in the beginning was the Word, or in the beginning was Consciousness, awareness, the source of the Word, and out of that Consciousness all things emanated. So far as that Consciousness is concerned, you will soon see that it doesn’t have to have a seed, as a matter of fact, the Master didn’t have to have a few loaves and a few fishes. He could have done just what Moses did—bring it forth without one single, solitary seed to multiply.

Moses, you will remember, brought forth manna, but he didn’t even have a few pieces of manna to start with. He had only the consciousness of omnipresence, and out of the consciousness of omnipresence all things emanated.

And so it is, you will find, that the cruse of oil had in it a few drops, but it wasn’t necessary for that prophet to have a few drops of oil. He could have just as well have had an empty cruse and brought forth all of that oil. It had to be so in the beginning. There had to be a beginning of oil without even a few drops of oil to prime it.

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