Experience of the Christ 5/5

But when we have a spiritual experience, and realize that that is but the beginning of a life that is to be lived in a new dimension, not the dimension of body, and not the dimension of thought, but the dimension of consciousness.

1955 Kailua Study Group

Joel S. Goldsmith

121A – Experience of the Christ 5/5

Now, once you know the principle, you can’t make any mistake in your answers, but even though you know the principle, it doesn’t say that you have developed any consciousness of it, and it is from there on, from the moment that you know the letter of truth correctly, from there on the hard work begins. Because now you have to develop the consciousness of the truth that up to now you only intellectually apprehend. The things of God are foolishness with man. Do you see that? Man’s mind cannot absorb. And so it takes a period of dying daily to this human mind, that the mind that was in Christ Jesus can come to birth.

And so it is that it has taken…And I can tell it when I am standing in front of a class or a lecture group, that all I can do is to keep bringing out to them the correct letter of truth in one phase or another phase. Even thought they object to repetition sometimes, I notice that they still keep reading the Bible after three hundred years in churches, and that’s a little repetition too. It gets to be a little bit too much so sometimes. But there is no other way for the Bible to register in our consciousness than repetition. If you really heard the Lord’s Prayer spoken in a quiet manner, and very slowly, very carefully, over a period of years, it would begin to register what the real meaning of it was. Whereas just knowing the words will not do anything for anybody.

Neither the words of the Lord’s Prayer, nor the words of the Scientific Statement of Being, nor the words of any other prayer that’s ever been known, or any other mantrum, will do anything while it is merely in the realm of the intellect. Once it gets behind the intellect and begins to register in consciousness, in the soul, then you perceive an inner meaning to it, and this is the Christ power.

Now here is our mode of practice. Begin today, whenever any problem is presented to you, whether it is a problem of your own or another’s, agree with yourself that you will not refute, not deny it, and not affirm about it, but that you will close your mind to all of that and say, “None of that makes any difference now,” and just sit down and wait for this inner impulsion. Don’t wait more than two or three or four minutes. If it doesn’t come then, go back and try it an hour or two or three later. And if it doesn’t come then, do it the same thing over again, because in the beginning, I admit, this is hard work.

There does come a time when most of the problems that are presented to you are quickly dispelled, because the moment you close your eyes, that Christ comes right to light. Yet, at least in my experience, it is true that there still are problems that come to me that are not quickly met, which cause me to go back again and again and again and again, for greater and greater, and deeper and deeper realizations of the Christ.

Once the true depth of it is achieved, then it really doesn’t make any difference what the name or nature of the claim is, it has to respond, and it does. And it is only the few that now really mean sometimes long, and sometimes hard work. Most of this work is much, much easier than water rolling off your back in the shower. I can tell you that. There’s really nothing to it at all, because most of it is not a conscious work at all. It is a work that takes place in consciousness without any conscious thought about it. And just as I’m certainly not doing any conscious healing work here in this room, and yet I know that healings have taken place. But you see, that’s all taking place as an activity of consciousness without any conscious thought about it.

Now, that’s what this comes to be eventually. It really is something that takes place within you. It’s like the song of the nightingale. You sing your song, but you don’t even know who’s hearing it. And here, you live your life, and you don’t even know who’s getting healed, or of what, because you’re not thinking consciously in that direction. Inwardly you’re living always in a contact with this inner Being.

Now, do you see that if you were to persist in this refusing to take thought, to use the letter of truth, and to create this inner vacuum for the experience of the Christ, that it would not be long until you experienced the Christ? Once you have experienced it, the rest is up to you. You can neglect it, or you can achieve it occasionally, or you can become so fascinated with it that you live consciously with that, repeating it over and over and over again, until eventually you don’t have to do it consciously anymore. It takes over your life, and it lives your life.

You don’t ever have to consciously make contact with the Christ. The Christ is always that which is maintaining you in Its contact. You are not doing any thing to It; It is doing it to you. But that only comes with the degree with which we are faithful toward the frequent bringing to expression the activity of the Christ within us. Many people have the idea that after they’ve had a spiritual experience, that from then on they are going to live in the kingdom of heaven, and it isn’t true. It isn’t. Many people have had spiritual experiences of different degrees, and found that that’s the end of the experience, and it doesn’t come again, and their lives are not too much changed.

But when we have a spiritual experience, and realize that that is but the beginning of a life that is to be lived in a new dimension, not the dimension of body, and not the dimension of thought, but the dimension of consciousness.

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