Experience of the Christ 4/5

1955 Kailua Study Group

Joel S. Goldsmith

121A – Experience of the Christ 4/5

I don’t mean that you can’t go and enjoy a movie now and then, or a play, but you cannot clutter up your consciousness with the filth of human existence, and then expect to be a transparency through which the Spirit can operate. Oh, that will not work. But that is the only part we can play, is in maintaining some measure of our spiritual integrity, so that we can be an open transparency through which the Presence and the Power can flow.

Do not misunderstand me. I hope no one, whether here in this room, or those who are hearing it on the tapes, will go out and try to teach this to young students. They must go through the letter of truth as we have gone through it. And we ourselves will have to maintain ourselves in the letter. We still will have to study those chapters on the nature of error, the nature of God, the nature of individual being, the nature of the Christ, because that is part of keeping the temple clean. If we do not keep ourselves immersed in spiritual literature, if we are not keeping ourselves in what we are hearing, we soon will come under the mesmerism of the world, and no spiritual power will get through.

It is only because we are using these writings and recordings as if they were scouring soap, cleansing agents, that we can maintain the consciousness. That is why we meditate. That is why we contemplate God and the things of God, and we live in that contemplation. You say, “It’s a mental activity.” Yes it is. It’s a mental activity of awareness, and it’s a mental activity which enables us to keep the impurities of the mind out, and allow the mind to be a useful function as a state of awareness, or as an avenue of awareness. And in that way we keep the channels open for the experience of the Spirit.

Now, to put this into practice is what constitutes this first battle that we go through for quite a period. Because as you witness the discords, the diseases, the inharmonies of this world, your natural reaction as a metaphysical student, will be to know the truth. That’s the first natural reaction of a metaphysician, is to say “Oh that’s a lie, or that’s no part of God’s law, or Oh God is infinite.” And believe me, you’ve spoiled it right there, because you have tried to function spiritually through the mind. Whereas if you shut it off immediately and refuse to be tempted to make a statement of truth, or an affirmation of truth, or a denial of error, grit the teeth, close the eyes, and wait, let God do it, pretty soon you’ll find there is a God. God is a reality.

Christ is as much of a reality this second, here where we are, as the sun is shining in the sky, or the waters are wet in the sea. Actually, Christ is a reality, but one which very few people ever experience. And that is because they function either as body or as mind, and they do not transcend these to reach the Spirit. We do not live by bread alone, either physical bread or mental bread. We do not live by things or by thoughts, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God. Who said that your words and mine proceedeth out of the mouth of God? Why God says, Your thoughts are not my thoughts, and my thoughts are not your thoughts. Why think any then? Why not wait and let God’s thoughts come to you. That’s where the difficulty comes in in this work at first.

You’ve got to wait until God’s thoughts reach you, and that isn’t easy, because there is a million layers, a million years of layers of humanness, of the human mind, which is in itself a sense of separation from God. All these barriers of antiquity exist as barriers through which God seems unable to break to get into our individual awareness. We are the ones who have to open out that way, and we do it by refraining from taking thought. We do it by taking no thought for your life, or his life, or her life, but waiting, waiting until God’s thought comes through. Do you know that if, if the voice of God ever came through and said, “Let’s have water from these plants,” water would flow? But I can’t make it happen, and neither can you.

None of us are gifted that way. But if it ever came through, you would see that it would happen just as in healing work. When that feeling, or spiritual impulse comes through, I have seen, and many of you have seen, sick people jump out of bed. No question about that. It happens every day in the week. Wherever…And really and truly, this explains why Christian Science will always be ahead of all the other metaphysical movements in its healing works, because in its literature it provides for the development of spiritual consciousness, and acknowledges that there must be spiritual discernment, that the letter of truth alone won’t do it.

The others don’t do that. The others insist that if you learn the words in this book, and if you take an examination and pass by ninety-two percent, we’ll give you a diploma, and you can go out and be a healer. None of that seems to take into effect at all the fact that you can’t develop a spiritual consciousness in three months, six months, nine months, twelve months, eighteen months, or twenty-four months. It has taken all the years since you have begun your metaphysical studies to bring you to a place where your spiritual consciousness is sufficiently developed that you can now turn around and say, “Good. Now the letter of truth is embodied in me. I know the truth, and I’m ready now to let the voice of God speak.”

You go out and try to give this to a young student, and see whether or not they can bring through the activity of the Christ. They can only do it if they are by nature attuned to it, not by the teaching of a mental practice. If they are by nature attuned, as some people naturally are, then of course, they can bring it through with one day of instruction. Do you see? That’s because they are naturally spiritually attuned.

Now, any time you believe that mentioning the name of a patient or mentioning the name of a disease in your treatment has any spiritual healing power, you’ll have to begin all over again. Or if you still are convinced that just by saying, “Oh it isn’t true; God didn’t make it,” that that is going to get you one bit along on this path, you are mistaken. There is but one answer at our period of unfoldment, and that answer is, coming to a place of consciousness where we experience the activity of the Christ within us.

I was reading yesterday about the school founded by Pythagoras. He had ideas along this line too, but he had a very wise way, evidently, of teaching. When you came to him for teaching, he accepted you, and the first five years you couldn’t see him at all. You could only study with his teachers, and they prepared the way. At the end of five years, if you still wanted it, you could come and live in his home for three years, and then he would teach you for three years, and by that time you had attained the second degree. By now, after eight years, if your were convinced that this is really serious business, you could turn over to him all of your fortune, and then he really would get busy and start teaching you.

And I think he had something there, because I do know this, and I’ve said it before, that I wished there were a way that when people came to us to study, that they could be compelled to sign up for three years. Because you can teach the correct letter of truth in one year. You can’t do it under that. No matter how clear it is in the books, the resistance of the human mind is such to truth, that it is not…it cannot be assimilated. But in a year, if you had the correct letter of truth, you could teach it to a person in a year, so that at the end of the year, when they answered questions, they wouldn’t make any mistakes.

See, in this work it isn’t like other work, that if you get ninety-four percent that’s fine. This work, if you don’t get a hundred percent, it means you don’t know what the truth is. If you can be made to give one incorrect answer out of a hundred, you don’t know what the truth is. Because if you ever knew the truth, they could ask you a thousand questions, but you couldn’t give a wrong answer. Because the principle is the same, no matter what the thousand questions may be. And you either know the principle or you don’t. And so if you got ninety-nine percent in my school, you’d be left back, because it would mean you do not know the principle. Do you see that?

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