1955 Kailua Study Group

Joel S. Goldsmith

121A – Experience of the Christ 3/5

The moment you know this, and it’s a big step we’re going to take right now, the minute you know this, you will be confronted with pictures of error, multiplied from today on, more than ever before. If not in your own experience, it will be in those you see around you.

Can’t help it. Can’t help it. That is the way it acts, that the moment we become aware of something, we become aware of it multiplied. But it is only for one reason, so that you may develop your response to it.

Now, don’t respond to an appearance of error with a statement of truth. Don’t do that from this moment. Let the truth, as you know it, which now constitutes your consciousness, let’s be satisfied that you already know the truth. You knew it yesterday and the day before, so there’s no need to repeat it today. But instantly get to this center of your being. Get in here as fast as you can, and wait for the Father to speak, or utter Itself, or declare Itself, or reveal Itself.

So that, if someone says to you, “I have a headache,” don’t be tempted to answer, even with a thought. Just grit your teeth and say, “Uh uh, no answer to that.” And then sort of wait a second, and you’ll see that something will take place within you. It doesn’t make any difference if it doesn’t happen the first time. It’ll happen very quickly, as you train yourself not to affirm or deny, but immediately close your mind, open your ears, and wait. And let God do it, within you. Let the Christ come into manifestation, because it isn’t your thinking that’s going to help anybody. If it would, New Thought would have saved the world in the last fifty years. And if New Thought couldn’t have done it, Dr. Peale would have done it.

That isn’t saving the world. That is just giving the world a lot of more mental work to develop more headaches with. If all of this mental hodge-podge would do anything, psychology would be doing it, instead of every department of life in which they’re entered, the errors are increasing. Year by year they’re multiplying. Why? There is a rightful function for your mind, but your mind isn’t a power; it’s an avenue of awareness.

You have the right, with your mind, to know that two times two are four, but you have no right to try to make two times two four with your mind. You have a right to know the infinity of God, but you have no right with your mind to try to push God into making it so. You have a right with your mind to know that God is the only lawgiver, and therefore Spirit is the only law, and there’s no law of disease. But with your mind, you can’t make that law operate, and you can’t make that law a law.

All you can do with your mind is become aware of that which is, just like our inventors, with their mind. They become aware of these natural laws, and then becoming aware of them, they hook them up. But they don’t create any of those laws. Nobody creates laws of agriculture. Nobody creates laws of architecture. All you do is open your mind and become aware of that which God created in the beginning. And so it is in truth work. Your mind has a normal, rightful function. When you read these books, you have a right through your mind, to become aware of the correct letter of truth. You have no right to believe that your mind can make it so, or any activity of your mind can make it so. Your mind is purely an avenue of awareness.

Now, once I’m aware that two times two are four, I don’t have to go around repeating it over and over again. And if I see a sign that says two times two is five, I don’t even have to say two times two are four. I just have to laugh, that’s all. Smile, or ignore it, because no matter what I do with my mind, I won’t change that sign. Nor will I change the fourness of two times two. So with this. Someone has a headache. You’re not going to change it. I don’t care what you say, and I don’t care what you think, you’re not going to change it. But because there is an infinite being called Spirit, the introduction of that Spirit into the situation will dispel any illusory sense.

Now remember, that is why in our work, you don’t have to tell us the name of a patient. You don’t. A telephone call came here…what was it?…less than two weeks ago, of an automobile accident. And when they got…There were two women involved, and when they got to the hospital, they found one of them dead. But that didn’t prevent their telephoning here, or one of the family telephoning here for help. And a few minutes later, the pulse began to stir, and this week that lady is walking out of the hospital on her own feet. Now, I don’t know the lady’s name. I never met her. Nor did anyone tell me that she was dead. They merely said that there’s been an automobile accident. Two women are involved; they’re on their way to the hospital. Will you give help? Certainly I’ll give help.

What kind of help can I give to a couple of women in an automobile accident, on the way to the hospital? I don’t know what part of the body’s hurt, and I don’t know what their name is. Do you see that? That knocks all of the mental treatments in the hat, doesn’t it? Because I can’t fulfill any of the functions that you need to know to give a treatment. I don’t even know who to give it to. Matter of fact, when the call came, I didn’t actually know where the accident took place. It was in the middle of the night, I was awakened out of a sleep, it was a long distance call. And it was only when I got the letter saying that the woman was found dead in the hospital, but that they stood there with her and waited, and the pulse came back, that I knew where this accident had taken place.

Now, you don’t need anything more than that to know that the only part we play in the demonstration is the holding ourselves in readiness, in a state of living The Infinite Way, so that when a call like that comes, we can get silent and let the Spirit of God take over, let the Christ. Where is the Christ? Where is the Spirit of God? Why, God is individual being, so any Christ that I am experiencing here, is that very person’s being. There’s no transfer of it from one place to another. God is that individual’s being as well as God is my individual being. And it only takes one with God to be a majority. Do you see that?

Now when I get very still and wait, I eventually get that deep breath in there that I call a “click.” Sometimes it’s accompanied with an actual message. Sometimes it isn’t. Sometimes it’s nothing more than that deep breath, but that deep breath is like a release. It makes me feel, “Oh, God’s on the scene. I’m through.” And then it brings harmony into the union/corporation relationship. Sounds funny, doesn’t it? It brings harmony to another person’s bones, and another person’s heart and liver and lungs, and another person’s eyes. Do you see that?

We’ve had the experience here of an instantaneous healing of cataracts. Well what do you think that was? Anything to do with knowing any truth? What truth would you know to heal cataracts? Well you don’t know any more than I know, and I’ve seen several cases not met, in my own experience. Well what’s the difference between the one that was met and the ones the weren’t met? Well evidently the activity of the Spirit was brought instantly to bear, and that was that. In the other cases, probably there was too much unconscious fear of the word cataracts, or something else that got in there, that didn’t permit the pure activity of the Spirit. Do you see that?

We are having a case right now of the same nature. It’s also cataracts. I wish you could see the difference in the handwriting of the person from two weeks ago to this week, or three weeks ago. You would never recognize that of the same person. Every single word is written clearly. Every line is straight across. You can see that the vision has returned there. You know you couldn’t talk about a thing like that if you had any personal powers to make it so. But I can say to you that it isn’t that way at all. The only part that a person plays in it is in living the life so that the Spirit can flow. You can’t make a fool of God; God is not mocked. You can’t talk spirituality, and letting the Spirit of God flow, and then be off on a Saturday night jamboree. Nor can you fill you mind, even with innocent card playing or a perpetual round of movies or televisions or…That can’t be.