Experience of the Christ 1/5

1955 Kailua Study Group

Joel S. Goldsmith

121A – Experience of the Christ 1/5

Good morning.

I have waited several years to say this and only because of the work that was done on this mainland trip to Chicago and Seattle and the preparation that we have had since this series began can I say it now with any hope that it will be understood, but I have a complete conviction that it can be understood, and that each one who hears this message, not only in this room, but those who will hear these tapes, and those who may some day read this in print, will be ready to understand, and willing to experience for a short time an inner struggle, until they get on top of the subject, of the understanding and of the demonstration.

You have been studying truth, most of you, for many years. Some through Christian Science, some through Unity, some through New Thought, and now through The Infinite Way. And it must have entered your mind many, many times, why, if these things are true, am I not demonstrating them, or am I demonstrating so little of them, or even if I am demonstrating a good deal of them, why, if they are true, are so many in truth study, demonstrating so poorly?

Why, if disease is not a reality, and we know it, why is there so much disease, even among truth students? Why, if God is really all in all, the only intelligence of the universe, and divine love, why, after we know that, and after we know that I and the Father are one, why doesn’t that perform miracles of healing, regeneration, and supply? Why, after three quarters of a century of metaphysical studies, are there so few really capable practitioners? Why, if I am faithful in knowing the truth, and I realize that God is all, that God is the only law, and the only cause, and the only substance, and the only being, why, if I meditate every day and declare that God’s grace is my sufficiency; why can these things go on year in and year out, and so little improvement be noted, either in my own affairs or the affairs of other students whom I am acquainted with? Or, if this is the truth, why is it that the metaphysical movements aren’t growing, multiplying themselves ten times over each year, instead of lessening each year? And they are lessening.

I know nothing about electricity or gadgets, but I do know that if someone tells me to plug in that instrument to the wall plug, that light comes out, or music comes out, or a tape recorder works, or a toaster works. I know that if someone tells me how to drive a car that it only takes a few minutes or hours, and then I can go and do likewise. I know that anybody with just ordinary, average intelligence can pilot an airplane after three hours of instruction. But I can study this for twenty years, and not heal somebody of a headache. And yet I’ve read the best books that are published. Sometimes not only the best ones, but all of them, including the worst ones. But at least I have read the best ones and studied them, and still find after years, that I can’t heal a headache for myself, or another. What is the answer to all that?

You see, this is the very point on which, in my earlier studies, I made a very grave mistake, one, which I had to correct later. I was asked the question in the first year of my practice, “Is there any responsibility on our shoulder beyond knowing the truth, giving the correct treatment, knowing the truth correctly?” I said, “No, that is our only responsibility. After that, the work is up to truth Itself. The truth does the work.” Well that isn’t true. That isn’t true. The truth doesn’t do the work. Even if you had never had any false teaching in metaphysics, if you had from the beginning, had nothing but pure truth, and if you voiced that pure truth, or wrote it, or thought it, the truth still would not make you free.

Understand this, even though it will, or may for a while, arouse a battle in you. It may be a battle with yourself, or it may be a battle with me. It may be a battle with The Infinite Way, but if it does cause such a battle, you’ll have to learn to take it, for your own unfoldment. Because I’m only saying this to you after twenty-five years, and I’ll stake all of The Infinite Way on that what I’m telling you today is the truth. Knowing the truth alone will not make you free. Declaring it, reading it, meditating on it—these are the things on which the metaphysical movements have wrecked themselves, believing that reading truth, declaring truth, affirming truth, would heal us of our sins, and our diseases, our lack and limitation, and in many cases, all it succeeded in doing was multiplying our troubles, or perpetuating them.

The secret lies in the fact that truth is not a mental activity. It has nothing to do with an activity of the mind; therefore it has nothing to do with reading, speaking, thinking truth. God is a spirit, and those that worship God, that is, expect to bring the good of God into their experience through prayer, or God contact, must do so in spirit, not in the mind. The mind part, which is the letter of truth, killeth, when we remain on the level of mind-truth. The letter killeth. It is the Spirit that makes us free. It is the attaining of the actual consciousness of truth that makes one free.

It has nothing to do with how much of the letter of truth you know. The letter of truth plays a part in the work, because above all things, it gives us a working tool, so that we can work with and through the mind to get away from the mind. Later on, it saves us from lapsing into a blind faith and a misapprehension of what is going on. For instance, in the days of the Master, he healed the multitudes, he raised the dead, he multiplied loaves and fishes. But because of the ignorance of the letter of truth, people thought that that was a special sign given to this great Master, and therefore they made no effort to go and do likewise.

They merely maintained themselves as beneficiaries of his grace. They never thought that they themselves might attain that same healing power, that same multiplying power. No, no, no. He was given this gift of God, and he had the power to give it to his disciples. Later, there were others gifted with the healing power. At one time, this is back in about the year 1400; no, it was later, 1600, there was a pastor in a church in Germany, in the very small town of Nuremberg, at that time nothing but a hamlet. And this man had the healing gift. And it was noticed that when sick people came to hear his sermon on Sunday, that very often they went away healed.

Well as a result of this, that man’s attendance grew and grew, until his church had to be conducted out in the open air, and there were times when ten thousand people traveled to that little village, just to attend his service on Sunday morning. And the reason: he had this God-given healing gift, and they were coming to partake of it. And of course, when he passed on, that was the end of the ten thousand attendance. That was the end of his large church and congregation, and they settled back again into just preaching on Sunday.

Now without understanding the letter of truth, that could very well happen again. You might have an idea that there are a few gifted people in this age, or a few hundred, or a few thousand, with some God-given healing power, and then just sit back and accept the healings from them, or the multiplying of loaves and fishes. And again, the word would be lost, and generations might pass before it was again given to the world.

And so it is that the letter of truth will acquaint those interested, with the great truth, first of all, that God is the infinity of being, but that God is individual being, and therefore, I and the Father being one, the wholeness of good, God, flows through and from me. When you understand…or, go a step further, that since God is this one infinite law, and I and the Father are one, all of the spiritual law there is must flow from my consciousness. And so nothing out in the world can be a law unto me. I am the law unto everything out in the world, through my oneness with God.

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