Christ Realized Is the Harmony of Being 4/5

Sometimes when I’m very still I know your true being. I can see It. I can touch It. I can tabernacle. I can really live with you inside because there are times in my own individual experience when I am so withdrawn from the world that I’m just a state of Spirit inside, and so are you, and so you and I get together at that particular point or level, you see? That’s where love takes place—not on the human plane, but on the inside plane.

1955 Kailua Study Group

Joel S. Goldsmith

120B – Christ Realized Is the Harmony of Being 4/5

Everything that we see, hear, taste, touch, and smell is but a limited and an erroneous concept of true being, and so I never can address anything of God nature about you or me. Heaven forbid. But, if I can ignore the appearance, even the good appearances, and the beautiful appearances, and realize ‘God is individual being,” I can’t see God’s individual being; I can inside of me… Sometimes when I’m very still I know your true being. I can see It. I can touch It. I can tabernacle. I can really live with you inside because there are times in my own individual experience when I am so withdrawn from the world that I’m just a state of Spirit inside, and so are you, and so you and I get together at that particular point or level, you see? That’s where love takes place—not on the human plane, but on the inside plane.

Now, the very moment that you stop this metaphysical platitude, cliché business of saying you are spiritual, and you are God’s perfect child, when you aren’t anything of the kind, neither is he, nor she, nor it. And a practitioner wrote me that, and it came in this morning’s mail from Perth, West Perth, that’s Australia, asking that very question. How can you look at these murderers? How can you look at these people who are doing such evil things and say they are spiritual? I don’t know. I couldn’t get that naive. I haven’t been able to bring myself to that point yet, of looking at these horror characters and saying, “You are spiritual,” but I can ignore the appearance and say, “Wait a minute, I’m not being fooled by tracks coming together in the distance. I’m not being fooled by a cloud sitting on a mountain. I’m not being fooled by these appearances.”

Inwardly I am declaring God is individual being and I’m declaring that not only about the evil appearances but the good appearances. I am declaring God is individual being. Then, in that realization, I have to handle appearances. I have to meet with appearances—in my thought. I don’t meet them out there in you. You don’t enter my mind. I’m dealing now with what is appearing to me—a belief, a claim, a suggestion, an appearance, any name you want to give it, but it has nothing to do with you. It has to do with me. I may look at you and say, “You’re horrid,” and you go home to your mother and your mother says, “Oh, how wonderful you are.” Somebody’s wrong somewhere.

So, you see, I’m not dealing with appearances or anybody’s opinion. I am dealing now with an appearance that comes to me that says that you are human. That’s the appearance I’m dealing with that says that you’re under some law other than the law of God, that there is some substance other than the substance of Spirit—that there is some life younger or older than the life which is God.

Those are the appearances that are being presented to me, and I have to meet them within me, and there are times when I’ve got to battle with myself. I know now that Mrs. Eddy knew what she was talking about when she said, the battle with one’s self is grand. I don’t know about it being grand, but I do know it’s a battle, and it’s probably grand when it’s all over, but I have known it to be very tough.

When I was having this battle with myself, a battle against appearances, beliefs, universal world beliefs, do you see that? But when I achieve a victory over myself, so that I come to the point of “Thank you, Father. God is individual being. God is the only law. God is the only activity going on.” Then, that is the time that a patient calls up or writes, and says, “I don’t know, your treatment was changed all of a sudden, or you did something today you haven’t done before, but I’m free,” and I say, “Sure, the battle within myself came to an end, and I realized that what it says in The Infinite Way is really true. God is individual being.”

It doesn’t help that it says it in The Infinite Way. You’d be surprised, maybe, to know that it doesn’t even help me, but I had the privilege of writing what’s in those books. When I am up against an actual need for healing of something, the battle has to be fought all over again. The fact that it was written in a book five years ago doesn’t help me when I’m up against a battle today. I’ve got to win the battle, the victory, all over again.

It is true that as we go on there are less of those battles, but the few that remain are a little tougher. Why? Because now we are dealing with the root of all evil—not the forms of evil: theft, adultery, dishonoring your mother and father, those aren’t evils. Those are the forms in which the evil appears. The evil itself is the belief that you are human beings with a will of your own, a mind of your own, a soul of your own, a being of your own, and a body of your own.

There is the root of the evil, and that is where ultimately—surely, in the beginning days of our practice we start going on a campaign against the forms of evil. Oh, we’re trying to make bad people good, and sick people well, and unemployed people employed, and poor people rich—fooling around with those forms, but the day finally comes when after we’ve lopped off a million heads of evil, we look up and see two million heads left out there, and we say, “I haven’t made much progress, have I?” And then the voice says, “No, because you haven’t yet laid the axe at the root of the error.”

Now what is the root of the error? It’s a belief in humanhood, a belief in a selfhood apart from God, a belief in an activity or a law apart from God, and that is the belief that I have to meet. I have to stop healing you and reforming you, and enriching you, if ever I had such powers. I’ve got to stop trying it and get back within myself and say, “No, I’m not a competitor of materia medica. I’m not here to get rid of somebody’s disease. That’s nonsense. If God is individual being disease can’t be a reality, and therefore, I have got to meet within me, within my self this belief that is presenting itself to me, this appearance,” so forth, and so on.

Now, having done that, we come then to a place on the other side of the hump. Let’s say right now that we’ve gotten past these two points, and it doesn’t make any difference whether you’ve gotten past them in actual demonstration, if at least, you’ve got it thoroughly in your mind what you’re going to be called upon to do these next months or years until you do achieve the realization of these two principles.

But, now that you know definitely where you’re going with these two principles, let us for the moment, assume that you are at that place where every day you must help somebody, whether it’s members of your family, or whether it’s those who call upon you for help as patients, or students. You are now being called upon to give help, and so, I would like to take you into that step which is beyond the letter of truth.

Now don’t forget that this gives you no license to forget these two points on which we have spent this hour. Don’t forget that those will be the two points that you will use in whatever mental work you have to do, or treatment you have to give, or thoughts you have to think—that will be your basis, but let us assume now that you’re giving your help, and you’ve remembered these points—now here is for the actual help.

If you have been faithful, several times a day, in taking these three to four, or five minute periods in which you do nothing but go within in the sense of:

“Thy grace is not only my sufficiency, but Thy grace is the sufficiency of all those who come within range of my thought. Father, I am an instrument through which this invisible blessing may appear in the world of those who seek me. The kingdom of God is within me, the kingdom of righteousness, and it is Thy kingdom, and Thy power, and Thy grace, and Thy grace is the sufficiency, the blessing, the benediction to all who are in the world. It is my joy that this blessing, this benediction of God, this grace of God flow equally to friend or foe, near or far. Any who shall lift their head to God, any God of any faith, of any religion, of any color, race, or creed, any who honestly lift their thought or voice to God, it is my joy that they find benediction and blessing through Thy grace, which flows through me.”

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