1955 Kailua Study Group

Joel S. Goldsmith

120B – Christ Realized Is the Harmony of Being 3/5

Now, when however, we come to the realization that God is a tender word, a gentle word, a peaceful word, a soothing word, when we realize that God doesn’t mean something afar off that rewards or punishes. God doesn’t mean anything to us that gives us anything or withholds anything. God merely means to us that gentle presence within our own being that is forever the source of the good flowing out into our experience, and the experience of the world.

Now, here you have a principle which is certainly not taught in the churches, and to my knowledge it’s not taught anywhere in organized teaching, but nevertheless, it is the greatest revealed teaching on the face of the earth.  It is that which was revealed by Krishna in the Hindu world before ever there was a Hebrew world—in the revelation that there is only one Ego, that there is only Me, and beside Me there is no other, and that is the same revelation given through Moses. “I AM THAT I AM’ and Isaiah “Is there any God beside Me, I know not any,” then repeated by the Master “I and the Father are one, thou seest Me thou seest the Father that sent me,” and so, you can go through all the great mystics and find that this is a universal teaching which later was always lost, always has been lost.

And you can see why it would be lost once an organization took place, because once you and your Father are one and all that the Father hath is yours, no use of your contributing to keep up an organization any more, because now there is nothing to go there for. It is like that story that we learned of in Gibran about the devil—I think I’ve told you that story, haven’t I? About this priest who—I’ve told you, yes, good—well, now there it is, you see, if there’s no devil we don’t need a church. We won’t have to support a church anymore, because its function is to save us from that very devil.

In the same way, the very moment that you come to a realization that God is your individual being, tell me what you need a membership in anything for, or to build edifices for, or tithe for, except—ah, yes— except as a voluntary desire to do something that would make that truth available to everyone in the world, but by now you know that building temples won’t make it available. It’s far better to make it available just by seeing that there’s enough literature carrying it, and then not trying to force it on anybody, but letting those find it who are ready for the experience.

And so you can well see that once it’s organized and rents have to be met, and this has to be met, and the other, it first of all, becomes a duty to an organization rather than a continuous abiding in the realization not only that I and the Father are one, but since this is true of every individual on earth, they eventually must learn it, and I won’t do anything that would in any wise, prevent their learning it, and if I ever make them loyal to a man or woman on earth, or to an organization on earth, I will be preventing their demonstration of harmony. Rather would I see them suffer a few more years until that very suffering awakens them to the fact that no more shall ye worship in this holy mountain, nor yet in that temple in Jerusalem, but in Spirit and in Truth, right where you are now, in the kingdom of heaven, on earth, or in hell. Right there and right now is the place to realize God is my being. Nothing can happen to me, except what happens to God, so I can rest, and relax, and rejoice in that truth.

Now, this naturally would bring us to the second principle, second very, very important principle of The Infinite Way, and again one that I give you from the Master’s teaching. He says to Pilate, when Pilate says, “I have power to crucify you or set you free.” “Thou couldst have no power over me unless it came from God.” Or again, the disciples come to him and say, “We have power over the devils through your name,” and he said, “Oh no, never say that. You have no power over the devils through my name. Just rejoice that your name is writ in heaven.”

Now, when you come to the realization of this great truth that God alone is power or allness, and remember God is your own individual being, you are automatically removed from competition with materia medica, and you are removed from competition with the ministry of the church—saving sinners, because now you cannot ever heal or claim to heal a disease, nor can you ever claim to reform a sinner. You never can do that after once you have acknowledged God as individual being, because now you haven’t got a sick person, or a disease to contend with, and you haven’t got a sin or a sinner to contend with. You have got a belief about God’s individual being. Now where can you meet a belief except in your own mind, except in your own thought.

Supposing I present to you right now the belief that two times two are five. Where are you possibly going to meet it? Out here somewhere in space, in this room? Or must you meet that belief within your own self until you come to the realization—don’t fool me, two times two are five. I know two times two are four, and then you are free. Do you see that?

You don’t fight any articles out here in this room. You don’t fight anything out in this world when the belief of two times two is five is presented to you. You meet that in your own thought.

Now, you are going to be presented—it doesn’t make any difference whether it’s through yourself or others—you’re going to be presented with the beliefs of cancer, consumption, polio, paralysis, old age, death, blindness, deafness, lameness. You’re going to be presented with beliefs of depression, lack, limitation, poverty. You’re going to be presented with the beliefs of incurable diseases. Where are you going to meet them? The moment you try to meet them in a person or in a body you are in competition with materia medica. You’re just saying, “Yes, I acknowledge that’s there, but I have a different way of meeting it.” Can’t be done. Can’t be done. One of the first things that you have to learn in this work is that if those conditions are actually there then anything you would do about them would just be another way of doing that which is already being done about it.

In other words, there was a time when all disease was treated as if it were a material manifestation in or on the body, as if it were just conditions of matter, and every attempt of materia medica was either through medication, or through plasters, or application, or massage, or manipulation, or one way or another materia medica merely manipulated matter until it turned bad matter into good matter, or into a first class funeral.

Now, a long comes a change of materia medica, and they say, “Oh, these diseases are not all physical conditions. They’re not just all conditions of matter, but there are mental conditions which produced these physical, so let’s not try to handle them as physical conditions, let’s get up and see what we can do about handling them as mental conditions, and see if by handling them mentally we don’t change them physically.” Well now there are some people who want to go another step and say, “Well, you know, I don’t think they’re doing too well with that. Let’s go another step and go up to God and see if we can’t get God, through the Spirit, to do something about this physical condition.” Do you see that?

You would just be going to God and expecting God to do something that the physical scientists hadn’t done, the mental scientists hadn’t done, now we re going to see if God can’t do it. Why, in back of that is the acknowledgement that there is this “something” or “somebody” to be done to.

Ah, but that is the very foundational point of our work that we don’t have a person or a condition, because we are not competing with materia medica. We are not competing with the ministry of saving souls. We have not graduated above physical disease into mental cause for disease. We are taking the standpoint that God is individual being, and God is Spirit, therefore, Spirit is the nature and character of your being.

Do you see that that doesn’t embrace doing anything to you? It embraces my attaining a state of consciousness in which I recognize the nature and character of your true being. Do you see that? Now remember I haven’t, in this wise, become a metaphysician and said you are spiritual, or you are a son of God. No, I haven’t touched you at all. I haven’t even thought about you, because if you want to know the truth, you’re an illegitimate offspring. You have no real existence and no excuse for existence, had no right to come into the world—none.