Christ Realized Is the Harmony of Being 1/5

1955 Kailua Study Group

Joel S. Goldsmith

120B – Christ Realized Is the Harmony of Being 1/5

Good morning.

Surprising as it may seem we are having difficulty getting past a certain hump. We haven’t been achieving it, and we are naturally held back from going another step forward until we get past this place that is giving us difficulty, and so, let us see if we can this morning get a sufficiently clear light so that we can go forward.

You know that The Infinite Way is a presentation of certain principles of revealed truth. You also know that those principles, as long as they remain in a book, aren’t of any more value or power, except as literature, than those miracle working statements that are to be found in the scripture of all people. As long as scripture remains beautiful passages in literature, they are nothing more nor less than comforts to you or to me, or to any individual in the world. When, however, we embody one of the principles shown forth in scripture, then we are living that scripture. We, ourselves, become living scripture, living principles of life.

It is only then that one can say with the Master: I am the way. I am the truth. I am life eternal. You actually become the very embodiment of the principle, but not by reading it. Reading it is only a step leading to embodying it, realizing it, achieving the actual consciousness of it. So it is that we start with what is undoubtedly one of the most astonishing revelations of all time. It is the Master’s revelation that I and the Father are one. Thou seest me, thou seest the Father that sent me.

Now, in that language, those passages are meaningless in our world. We just do not seem able, with our language, to encompass the meaning of those passages, and so, in The Infinite Way it is presented in this wise.

God is individual being. God is individual being. God is your being. God is my being. God is the being of every individual on the face of the globe—human, animal, vegetable, mineral. God is individual being. God is the law, the life, the soul, the spirit of individual being, and therefore, all that God is I am. All that the Father hath is mine.

Now, that’s beautiful literature, that’s beautiful scripture, and you can go further, and say it’s a truth too. Yes, and then you could go further and do nothing about it. But you see, The Infinite Way is not interested primarily in teaching that, or printing books about that, but insofar as is possible having, if it’s only in this age, a few thousand people in the world actually become living embodiments of that principle. How can they do it? Well now, frankly, I can’t do it for you, nor can the writings or the recordings do it for you. It is something that has to take place within your consciousness by an activity that goes on within you.

In other words, you first of all, must consciously realize, declare within yourself,

“Yes, God is my individual being. God constitutes my being. God is the life of my being, the soul of my being, the spirit. God is the very substance of which even my body is formed. God is the only law governing me—not laws of matter, not laws of food, or climate, or digestion, not laws of medical belief or theological belief, not laws of sin or purity, not laws of anything, only law—God. God is the law of my being, and there is no other law. It isn’t a good law, and it isn’t a bad law. It is just the only law there is, and it is a law of immortality, a law of eternality, a law of perfection, but it is a self‑maintained law and a self‑sustained law, therefore, I have nothing to do but, ‘Thank you Father that God is this infinite law of my being.’”

Ah, having done that, we have only taken a preliminary step, because one hour from now the temptation is going to be given to us: “Can I afford this?” And you see, there is where the embodiment of the principle comes in. That’s where living the principle comes in.

You have to answer and say, “Certainly I can’t, but I’m grateful that I never will be able to, and furthermore I never will be called on to.” Since God is my being, and so God is the only one who has to be concerned with whether it can be afforded, or it can’t be afforded, and so “God, if you can afford it, go ahead and have it, and if you can’t afford it, let’s not have it. I’ll await Your decision.” Then will come the leaning whether or not to have it.

It doesn’t mean, as many people believe in metaphysics, that they should go right out and charge everything between here and B. Altman, New York, and say: “Oh God is my Father so I’m rich and I can have everything.” It doesn’t mean that because your consciousness may not yet be up to the realization that God, the infinity of all is your individual consciousness. So you can put it squarely up to God, and say, “Father, this is your demonstration, not mine.”

It isn’t a question of whether I can afford it or not—just lets see what you think about it, and then the prompting will come, “Don’t touch it now, or certainly, go right ahead,” and you’ll be receiving your impulses from within, but that won’t be duality, and that won’t be proving that there is a God and a you. It will be proving that there is an interior part of you, which is God, while the exterior part is the son of God—God, the Father, and God, the son is all one, but God, the Father is that invisibility of you, whereas God, the son is visible sense of your being.

And so it is as if you were to turn not to your bankbook and say, “Can I afford it,” but to your interior being, and say, “Father, is this for us right now?” And then wait, and the impulse will come—yes or no, or it may not come in that form, it may come in the form of someone coming for help, and then you’ll say, “Oh, I haven’t enough understanding,” and that’s true too, and you can be grateful for that, and also grateful for the next thing you never will have enough understanding to help anybody even with a little headache, because help just doesn’t come through your understanding. That would be a merciless God that would leave this world at the mercy of your or my understanding. So when this temptation comes…“Do I have enough understanding?”  You say, “No, and I don’t ever expect to have; now let’s go within, and again you go within, and you realize:  ‘Father, this help has to come as the activity of the Christ, not as my understanding, or what I know or don’t know. It has to come as the activity of the Christ, and I am a willing instrument. I’m willing to be still and let You be God. Let the activity of Thy being be my being—Thy being which is my being. Let the activity, let Thy grace be the sufficiency unto this individual, or this situation, or this condition, whatever it may be. Let Thy grace be the sufficiency unto this experience.”’

Then you are a fitting instrument because you have nothingized yourself. I can of my own self do nothing, and I right well know it. “Father, Thou doest the works.” This is not duality. This is not turning to a far off God. This is not expecting favors from a God. This is merely a human form of turning within and realizing that I, as the Son of God, am but the instrument for I the Father within me. Do you see that?

Now, in recognizing God as individual being you are recognizing infinity at the center of your own being, an infinity which you can permit to flow out from you to the world, but do you not see that you prevent all of this the very moment that a thought of getting, acquiring, demonstrating, achieving enters your thought? Do you not see that there is no possibility of demonstrating God as your individual being until you walk up and down the world as if you were the original John D. Rockefeller with a hold on a billion dollars in cash, and just not willing to spread dimes but dollars.

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