The Invisible Nature of Your Life 4/4

But as the “click” is received inside, as the contact is made, that takes over and certainly reduces our human footsteps by millions, and always is at hand, available to tell us what these next steps are that we must take.

1955 Kailua Study Group

Joel S. Goldsmith

117B – The Invisible Nature of Your Life 4/4

Now the reason that we don’t have to take thought for our life, that is, to consciously direct it, is for the same reason that the fruit tree doesn’t have to take any thought for producing its fruit. That which it really is in spiritual identity, being God, operates without the necessity of conscious thought or anxious thought.

In the same wise, we have no need ever to be concerned…let me have this straight…I don’t want you to think for a minute that we’re to stop thinking, but I mean…or planning, or conducting our affairs in normal way. What I mean is this, that instead of consciously setting about to direct your affairs, the first step is the inner meditation in which you receive that click, or awareness of the presence of God, which shows that this invisible God is working in you, and for you, and through you. Then It will give you whatever right thoughts, right direction, right guidance is needed for your experience.

Once you have learned the practice of meditation up to the point of contact, before venturing out of the house or on any of the daily affairs, then you will find, if it is necessary for you to go some place where you hadn’t planned on going, the thought or idea will come to you to do it, and you’ll do it. If it is necessary to place an ad, you’ll go out and place an ad and wonder why. In other words, you will always be led to take the right human footsteps. We’re not going to destroy the human mind. We’re not going to destroy the activity of the human body by saying we don’t have to go to business, or we don’t have to design new houses or new dresses—we do.

But as the “click” is received inside, as the contact is made, that takes over and certainly reduces our human footsteps by millions, and always is at hand, available to tell us what these next steps are that we must take. And while we take them, It performs the work that is given for us to do. We merely go through the motions of carrying it out on the outer plane, while It goes before us to make the crooked places straight, to prepare the way, to do everything necessary for our protection, for our guidance, for our direction, for our support. And so it is, that it is only when we come that far to trust the action of the Infinite Invisible that we will not make a human step without Its inner assurance that we can be certain that we’re on the right path on the outer.

Now you noticed this morning that our meditation went far longer than usual, and for a reason, that it just did not come to the point of release. It did not come to the point where It had taken over. And so there had to be a patience in waiting, because had I started before it came, the only thing you would have gotten is my stored-up memory of truth, in which is no power whatsoever. There is no power in our memorized truth. There is no power in the manna of yesterday. Nothing. Nothing.

Unless a message can come forth imbued with the Spirit, unless it can come forth out of the consciousness of God, it comes to you with no power. It just comes as something you hear, and probably afterward forget or criticize—and rightly so. I’ve no objection to anybody criticizing anything that comes out of my mouth that didn’t come out through the activity of God. But that is why I will wait and wait, and some students have been with me in classes when ten minutes after the class started, I said “That’s enough tonight. We’re going home.” And we went home.

And some have been with me when the class didn’t start. We just sat and had a meditation, and I said, “I’m sorry, the class is over. Go home.” And we went home. Why? Oh, I’m sure you know I could sit and talk for an hour, but I also can assure you of this, that if I did, there would be no substance in it. There would be no activity, no life, no healing. It wouldn’t be the word of God. It would just be that which Joel remembered, and that, I can tell you, is not the bread of life.

The Master knew what the bread of life is, My doctrine is not mine, but His that sent me. And so, if I wait until the “click” comes, if I wait until the answer comes, then what comes out of me is spontaneous. You may have heard the words before. You may have heard everything before. It makes no difference. That has nothing to do with it. The Spirit is flowing through those words, and it is now the word of God. It is quick, and sharp, and powerful. Do you see that? And it does produce an effect out here in what we call this visible world. So we must be.

I had a call this morning, and I asked that the man wait one hour before doing what he had in mind doing that instant. Wait. Wait one hour. Don’t do it until God is on the scene. Give me a chance to meditate, to ponder until I get the assurance God is on the scene. Then do anything you like, because I don’t even care then if you do a wrong thing, it will be corrected. I don’t care how many wrong things any of us do, as long as we first have the “click” of God, because if we do make a mistake, it isn’t likely that we will … certainly not many, but if we do, it will be corrected before any damage is done. Our function is to be sure that the blight of human consciousness isn’t going to touch our crop.

But we are imbued with this same spirit, this covenant that was given us in the beginning, the assurance of, I am with you … I will never leave you nor forsake you … Whithersoever thou goest, I will go... Then we can say, “Ah, I am the invisible being, and all of this out here, this is all the visible form, and while this is sloughing off, every day it’s renewed. Every day it is renewed. You don’t even see that which was sloughed off and which is gone, but it is, and every day it is renewed. And so, from head to foot we should be renewed. Not only head to foot, inside and outside, and so must the pocketbook or bank account be renewed day by day.

Today we greet with us a lady from Canada, and tomorrow we will be greeting a man from California, and we hope, a lady from Australia.

Thank you.

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