1955 Kailua Study Group

Joel S. Goldsmith

117B – The Invisible Nature of Your Life 3/4

And so we find, My spirit remaineth among you. Now this My, which is the My peace that the Master spoke of, My peace give I unto you, not as the world giveth. My spirit remaineth with you. The spirit, presence, power, consciousness of God remains with you, and now you find that the glory of this latter house shall be greater than the former. Once the realization comes that I exist, not as body, as consciousness, I exist not as body, but as consciousness, as spirit, as the very consciousness of God, then out of that consciousness comes all of the rest.

And then we’re told that I will fill this house with glory. All of these things that beforehand were taken from us…You remember, the corn, and the new wine, and the oil, all that the ground bringeth forth was to be covered with a drought. Now we’re told that it’s restored. Now, in this new consciousness, in this realization of true consciousness, in this realization of true identity, the drought disappears, the Spirit of God is upon us, the Spirit of healing, of consolation that Isaiah voiced as the Christ, when he voiced it.

So we come to two points: one, a reminder of the nature of supply, which is the Infinite Invisible appearing as form, and once that is realized, never again can one be without supply. Never have I seen the righteous begging bread. The righteous are those who are one with truth, one with God. Never has an individual who has known that supply is invisible, spiritual, omnipresent, wherever I am supply is; never can that individual be without supply; except in those moments of stress or strain as Moses was on the trip from Egypt, and then only as a temporary experience. But through the realization of truth, that drought is quickly ended.

So it is that as we attain the realization of our true identity as an invisible life, so that when we look in the mirror, we no longer say, “Look what I look like.” We say, “Oh, my body needs a little jerking up somewhere.” We don’t identify what we see in the mirror with ourselves, because that is not I. That is my body. But the very moment that I realize I am I, my body begins to change form. The body only looks like what it does look like because we, ignorantly, have been identifying that body as ourselves. That’s all.

Through false identification, we have made this body look like what it looks like. Whereas with right identification, we can quickly begin to change its nature so that we can say, ten years from now, that we look ten years younger than we look now. It can be so, and in many cases it is so, and in every case of realization, it is to some degree so. I have witnessed in my experience, dozens and dozens of people in their eighties and nineties who were far, far, far from any such appearance, and only because of the degree of their realization of this truth. Because out of the consciousness of God cannot come age, limitation, weakness, or death.

So it’s a question of whether or not we realize ourselves to be God consciousness, or mortal, material, human, limited, finite consciousness. Out of that must come all of the other.

Now it is the same way, we are in the habit of walking down the street and seeing people, and believing that we are seeing people, when we are only seeing their bodies. Now the first miracle that comes into your experience comes when you learn consciously, to walk down the street and begin to declare to yourself, “Thank you Father. I’m not fooled by the appearances. I know this is not John, Bill, Mary. I know that behind those eyes, invisible to sight, is a man of God, spiritual being, true identity, Christhood.”

You’d be surprised that within two or three days changes begin to come into your own experience, just through the ability to perceive the invisible Christ, where beforehand you were seeing human beings walking the earth. Well that’s when … you see, all our work is based on “an work.” In other words, there must be a conscious realization of truth. There is no mysterious God outside, sitting around waiting to bless us because we met here this morning. Whatever blessing comes into our experience, comes through a transformation of consciousness that takes place within us. Turn ye and live. God has no pleasure in your dying, but it’s turn ye… Be ye renewed by the transforming of your mind.

Every blessing that comes into your experience except the temporary blessing that comes through your practitioner or teacher, every real and permanent blessing must come through a transformation of your consciousness, through an activity of truth in your consciousness.

It is after you are instructed and taught and lifted up to some measure of realization, you must walk out on the street and not be fooled by appearances, but see through the I of the human being, or the animal, or the tree, and say, “No longer do I believe that is a coconut tree. Now I know it’s the form or body of the coconut tree. The coconut tree is inside, invisible to sight. Ahhh, once you know that, you will know why, in its season, the coconuts will appear externally. Why? Because the coconut tree is so busy manufacturing them inside, and we think we are looking at a coconut tree out here, when all we’re seeing is the bark of the tree, one that’s sloughed off day by day, and ever is renewed by an invisible activity. So it is with us.

You are not seeing me and I am not seeing you. There is an invisible activity going on within me, which is an activity of truth in my consciousness. That activity of truth in my consciousness is renewing me day by day, physically, mentally, morally, financially, whatever way is necessary for my earthly experience, this inner consciousness is renewing day by day. Day by day the manna falls. Day by day, this inner Selfhood, which is my invisible being, is manufacturing the particular form of coconuts that I may need for daily experience.

Now, each one of us is the same God consciousness, since there is only one. Therefore, the degree of our demonstration lies in the degree of our conscious realization of the truth. We all have the same substance. We all have the same life. We all have the same God. We all have the same inner activity. But the degree of our individual realization of it determines the degree of our demonstration of it. Our Source is infinite. The degree of our realization of the infinite nature of our Source determines the degree of our outer expression.

Now this is true, not merely in the things that we call supply, like money, food, clothing, housing. This is equally true in this house, this house, which is a vehicle. This house must be renewed day be day and season by season by the same activity of truth in consciousness, by the same realization that I am not what appears outwardly. I am the spiritual life force which is functioning from within to the without. It isn’t I have a life force; I am that life force. That life force constitutes my true and individual being. The more I realize that, the more it flows in harmonious and infinite form and variety.

You see, it is a matter of right identification, of right identity. Who am I? What am I? Am I that which is visible, or am I the invisible, which acts to produce visibly. And on that hinges the entire secret of our harmonious existence. Healings are brought about between practitioner and patient, only by the realization of the practitioner—that God constitutes individual being, and that God is an infinite life, an eternal and an harmonious life, and a steadfast realization of this truth is all that is necessary. The whole thing is right identity. The moment we think of each other as human beings who have to be patched up, then in that degree are we just practicing some other form of materia medica.

But the moment that we withdraw from all attempts to patch up, improve, heal, correct, or reform, and abide in the realization of this truth: God is individual being; God is the only identity; God is the source; God is the invisibility of you and that constitutes your true being. You are the invisible life force. Your body is one of the forms, which you assume. Your dollars are another form, which you assume. Your home is another form, which you assume. Your business is another form. But you are the animating life of your being, of your body, of your home, of your business. Do you see that? You, you, just as much as you are the directive force of your automobile, so are you the animating force of your entire career.

Let’s meditate a few minutes. (Pause)