1955 Kailua Study Group

Joel S. Goldsmith

117B – The Invisible Nature of Your Life 2/4

Now, no one can ever lessen their supply, because God Itself is the supply. There is no such thing as God giving supply or God sending supply. God Itself is the supply. When you have God, you have the infinity of supply. If you had a billion dollars and didn’t have God, you would have nothing. We have had people with a billion dollars that couldn’t even eat a meal.

Now when you have the forms of supply without the supply itself, you have nothing. That’s why we have a saying in this country of “shirt sleeve to shirt sleeve in three generations.” Because one individual has a consciousness of supply and accumulates it, and then very lovingly leaves it to their children and grandchildren, who not having the consciousness of supply, promptly run through it, lose it, have it taken away from them, and within three generations find themselves back in the place where their ancestors began.

Some day the world will learn the folly of accumulating money for their children, and will understand that they only bless their children in proportion as they help to develop a consciousness of supply for their children, and not leave the forms of supply to deprive them of the great opportunity that God has given to each one of us to live by our own consciousness.

That also came up in Hebrew scripture, when it was originally taught that the sins of the fathers are visited on the children unto the third and fourth generation. But two hundred years later, it was discovered that this is not true. No more shall it be said in Israel that the parents have eaten sour grapes and the children’s teeth are set on edge, for now every man will be rewarded according to his own life, and everyone will be punished according to their own misdeeds.

And we can carry this out into the activity of supply, that everyone will be supplied in accordance with their own state of consciousness, and everyone will lack in accord with their own state of consciousness. Well, as we begin to perceive that God is our individual consciousness, and that God is infinite, we begin to perceive the nature of supply as that which is invisible. And we no longer judge by appearances as to the amount of our supply, nor do we ever come to that place in human experience where there is an absence of supply in our normal experience. When experiences come, such as came to Rickenbacker, and experiences that come to others, on the desert, or in the midst of war, or sudden depressions, where there is a temporary absence of forms of supply, then with this wisdom, the years of the locust are quickly restored. Then the flow begins quickly to come.

Now, an experience came to me before the one of the fruit that gave me my first glimpse of immortality. I suppose that I was a little more concerned about the subject of dying, or death, than most people. Firstly, because in my youth I had always been more or less ill, and then I developed a curiosity about this life, and I wanted to see it and keep watching it, and I dreaded the day when I would have to leave it and have to die. And for a while it was a very frustrating experience, because there you know…well it’s inevitable…it’s got to be, but we don’t want it to be. And there comes a little desperate battle to see, can’t we beat the rap?

And on this particular day I was driving, and for some reason or other this thought of death came to me with all of the distaste that goes with it, when I remembered I had just come from the barber shop, and I had had a haircut and a manicure. And all of a sudden the thought came to me, “Oh, where is that hair they cut off? And where are those fingernails?” Oh, they’re in the furnace already, but they are not bothering me. It doesn’t seem to concern me at all that they are in the furnace, and I know why, because I’m not there with them. I’m here, and all is well. Oh, that sort of made a difference, because quickly I could see they could just as well take the fingers and hand and arm, if they wanted it, and throw that in the furnace too, but I would still be here, and so that would not concern me.

And of course it isn’t very difficult to see how you can go through with the whole rest of the body and let them throw it all in the furnace, since I would still be here, separate and apart from that experience, and my life, my consciousness, would be going forward. Now once you see that, you begin to see that you are something separate and apart from your body; just as much separate and apart from your body as you are separate and apart from your automobile, even while your automobile is carrying you across the mountain. At no part, are you a part of an automobile. The automobile is just an instrument or vehicle for your use, but you have no personal contact with it whatsoever, no identity or identification with it. You’re not a part of it. You and the automobile are always separate and apart from each other. And so you will learn through this experience, if you’ll follow it through, that regardless of where your body is—I am right here.

Now, as you perceive that, you will see that this I, which I am, is permanently here, eternally here. And then you’ll know why God is your true identity, because only God is immortal, only God is eternal, and the nature of God—consciousness, is a continued state of immortality, of eternal being, of eternality. And that is what I am. That is what I individually am—a state of divine consciousness.

Now, this that I am, which is immortal, is likewise infinite. And so you’ll realize through this that you are never using up your life. You are never using up your life. You are never using up your strength. You are never using up your span of years, never—never, because the only you there is, exists as the consciousness which uses this as an infinity. Now that does not mean immortality of the soul and death of the body, as it is understood in the orthodox thought, nor does it mean that this is a hope for us, with the experience of the discarding of the body still to be faced. No.

No, that may go on for a while, since death is the last enemy to be overcome, but if you will perceive this point of your true identity as the consciousness which permeates this body, which uses this body as an instrument or vehicle, you will come into the experience that you witness in nature. You will shed this body, not by death, but by the shedding of the skin, or the shedding of the nails, or the shedding of the hair, or the shedding of the atoms or parts that make up the organs and functions of the body, with a constant renewal, just as the bark falls off and new bark is there, the same tree is always there, the same body. Just so, you will eventually see that this body, yes even this body, will die daily, will slough off and be renewed, so that always this body will remain in its strength, in its health, in its vitality, in its youthfulness.

To see God as your individual consciousness, the I of your being, ends these periods of drought, these periods in which, not only your supply vanishes, but your body. But the very moment that you perceive that you exist as consciousness, out of that consciousness you get this word that was covenanted when we came out of Egypt. Egypt is darkness and ignorance. Now what is the promise that comes to us as we come out of the ignorance and darkness of the Old Testament? It’s the word I. The covenant that was made with us is this, I will never leave thee nor forsake thee…As I was with Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, so I am with you. I will always be with you. I will be with you unto the end of the world.

That is the covenant. That is the very first thing that happens. Well, let me put it this way. The very first time that we have a spiritual inner experience, one of the very first things we hear is something like Thou art my son, or I will never leave thee, or Fear not, or something like that takes place within. It’s one of the very first experiences we have as we come out of our religious ignorance and darkness into religious wisdom. Practically everyone I’ve known who has had a spiritual experience has had it with some form of a promise involved, something of an assurance of a presence, of an assurance of a power, of an assurance of life immortal, of an assurance of supply or protection. And that, then, is the first covenant that is made with us as we come out of our religious superstition and ignorance.