1954 Honolulu Lecture Series

Joel S. Goldsmith

66A – Meditation on Activity of Truth in Consciousness 5/6

We can’t do that today. We must continue in our human activities until such time as the healing consciousness is so developed, that people are willing to take care of our expenses in return for that healing ministry. Then we too can give up the human activities and abide entirely in this work, in this life, in this study, in this practice.

However, nobody ever gets to practicing anything four hours a day until they have first learned to practice four or eight minutes a day, or forty minutes a day. And so our task this minute has nothing to do with next year. It has to do with this day … with this night. And it is this day and it is this night in which we must accept the principle of letting the activity of truth take place within us. And we are the ones who consciously must decide that it will take place every hour of our awaking day even if it only takes place for thirty seconds in an hour, or one minute, or one and a half minutes in an hour, that we will make the conscious effort to keep it alive.

Now, if we keep truth active in our consciousness one, or two, or three minutes of every hour, of its own accord, it will spread over into four, five, or six minutes without our even knowing it. And then the day comes when we find that it has taken place for a half hour or an hour, and we thought that only the usual five minutes had gone by. We are not responsible for the living in the activity of truth for hours at a time. That comes as an act of grace. We are responsible only for beginning with minutes.

Now, assuming that we have agreed that every hour of our waking day that we will consciously break off the trend of our human thought to take up some form of activity of truth within our consciousness. Well, it can be along the line, of course, of realizing Grace as our sufficiency, because that makes the invisible our dependency, rather than the visible. We can give time and effort to the realization of God As the only power, and thereby consciously come to the place where we do not refute or fight other so-called powers.

But the best activity in this line, the greatest one, is this third one, in which you consciously realize God as the life of individual being. God as the soul, or Spirit, or substance of individual being. In other words, every time that you see a coconut tree, consciously remember that there is an invisible presence acting in and through that tree to produce the coconuts. Every time that you go near the ocean, consciously remember that there is a Spirit at work, there is an invisible something stocking the ocean with fish, and other wonderful things that are at the bottom of that sea.

Remember that, that at every hour of the day and night there is an invisible something—operating to stock that ocean. Every time you look up into the sky, please remember that there is an invisible something, filling the sky with birds. Every time you meet a person, remember that there is an invisible something that is the very soul of their being, the very source of their good. Every time you see sickness or accident on the streets or in the headlines or on the radio, remember that right there, invisible, is the activity of God going on, and as that person becomes conscious of it, they will rise above those infirmities. Just as in proportion as we become conscious of God As the central theme of life, we rise above the infirmities, the limitations that have bound us.

If we’re not making the perfect one hundred percent demonstration at the moment, let no one of us sit in judgment upon another. We don’t have to be in a hurry; we have eternity before us. There is no reason why we overnight have to become angels. Let us be very grateful if at any given moment the Spirit of God touches us and we begin to unfold at this moment and proceed in an orderly fashion to our complete spiritual realization.

I have witnessed in the past, the mistake that many people have made on coming into a religious, especially a metaphysical religious work, all of a sudden trying to be angels. They immediately, threw their drinks away and their smokes away and their medicines away, all because they had come to some teaching that said it wasn’t necessary. Well the truth is—it isn’t necessary, but don’t try to prove it until the Spirit of God takes over and is there to replace the dependency on these externals.

Oh yes, I have seen people throw their cards away and their bridge away and their canasta. Oh they were all set for the spiritual life. But it didn’t last too long. You see, suppression and repression is not the spiritual way. And just intellectually making up your mind that “I will never take another smoke, or I will never take another drink, or I will never take another bit of medicine,” is apt to get you in a great deal of trouble. Because these spiritual harmonies are not produced by will power nor by the human desire to be rid of them. They are produced only by spiritual evolution that takes place in consciousness.

Don’t try humanly to make up your mind to be an angel right away. You may succeed, but the chances are against you. Too many people have had to retrace their steps later, and start all over again, by trying to maintain a state of consciousness they hadn’t achieved. They immediately are going to try to attain the state of consciousness, this life that was lived by Jesus Christ or some of the other saints and seers and sages, and it isn’t quite done that way.