Meditation on Activity of Truth in Consciousness 4/6

1954 Honolulu Lecture Series

Joel S. Goldsmith

66A – Meditation on Activity of Truth in Consciousness 4/6

It is never directed at anyone, and the reason that the individual receives the benefit is that they have tuned in—either by asking for help, or writing, or telegraphing, or asking someone else; or someone has asked help for them. Now it may be that you have a child, or a wife, or a husband, or a parent, and you ask for help for them; because they are a part of your consciousness, and you make yourself a part of the consciousness of the practitioner; that individual will receive the help, but not because the practitioner has to know their name or their disease, or not because the practitioner in any wise projects thought to that individual.

Now I understand full well, that this is not the method used in other approaches to mental and spiritual healing. And so I am not commenting, and I am not teaching any other way. I am showing you that which has proved itself with me since 1930, since I came into the active work, and this is our way. This has been the fruitful way with me. This is not to take you from any other way that is proving successful with you, but those of you who are here and seeking to know what The Infinite Way way is—this is it.

It is an abiding in the truth and letting the truth abide in me—the truth about God and about spiritual creation. Not about a human being, because there isn’t any truth about a human being. The only truth about a human being is that the sooner they outgrow being one the better. Our function is to become children of God, because when we are children of God, then heirs, joint-heirs with Christ in God. And we do that in this manner: As we abide in truth and as we let truth consciously abide within us, a transformation of consciousness takes place.

Now a consciousness imbued with truth is a benediction, a blessing to all upon whom it rests; a consciousness imbued with truth. Remember, the consciousness of an individual, when he’s a businessman or a housewife, is not the same consciousness as the consciousness of that same individual after they have—for years and years and years filled themselves with truth. On the other hand, an individual who today may have been Saul of Tarsus can tomorrow be St. Paul. Now why? Let us understand that.

Saul of Tarsus represents a very bad state of consciousness, a persecutor of the Christ, a killer, if your will—a murderer. But overnight he becomes, St. Paul. Now why? Here’s the reason—Saul of Tarsus was a seeker of truth. Saul of Tarsus gave his life, his days, his nights, to the study of truth. True, it wasn’t a very high form of truth; it was the orthodox Hebrew church teachings, but nevertheless it was the highest to which he had access at that particular time. And he didn’t want it for a selfish purpose remember.

He was seeking truth for truth’s sake, and all he could do was start where he was, and that’s what he did. He gave up his free citizenship in Rome. He gave up the high standing of his family in Rome to become equal with the Hebrew slaves in the Holy Land in order to find truth. Not because he needed healing of anything; certainly not because he needed enriching, because he had a trade, and he had a wealthy background. No, he did it for love of truth; and so his consciousness was filled with whatever available truth there was and of course the Old Testament was full of some very good truth.

Now, because of his searching, because he kept himself filled with whatever truth was available, and you must remember that he filled himself with it as students do, morning, noon, and night—reading in it, praying in it, meditating in it, filling himself full of whatever truth was available. Because of that, he was obeying that which later came forth, “If ye abide in Me, if you let My word abide in you.” He was fulfilling that to the highest that was available to him and thereby preparing himself for the experience that came to him on the road of Damascus that changed him into a disciple of the Master.

Now, from the very moment that we begin to fill our consciousness with truth, we become, not just a human being with human goodness and human badness—human wisdom and human ignorance. No, no, no. A new note enters our consciousness, a spiritual note, a spiritual factor, a spiritual power, a spiritual presence. The moment we open our consciousness to truth, the fourth dimension of life starts to flow.

Now, even from that minute, something takes place within us that benefits us and others. Even from the minute, the day, the week, the month that we begin to fill ourselves with truth, some harmony appears in the outer world. You may not at first notice it. It may first of all be called to your attention by others, who want to know how it is you look so much younger, or seem to be so much healthier, or have lost so much weight, or gained so much, as the need may have been. Or it may be that you have yourself noticed an improvement in your health, or in your loss of fears, or in a greater sense of supply.

But this you must know: The consciousness of truth is the substance of our outer experience. Therefore the very first trace of Spirit or truth in your consciousness, must externalize Itself. Please remember that there’s no way to avoid it. There is no such thing as an unmanifested good or unmanifested consciousness of truth. There is no such thing. There is no such thing.

The Master warned about not hating our brothers and not looking on a woman with lust, because as soon as we entertain that internally, it won’t be long before it externalizes itself. Don’t believe that you can avoid it. If you let your thought dwell on envy, jealousy, malice, lust, it must very, very quickly externalize itself; but it is much more true with truth. You cannot abide in truth for very long without truth being evident.

You know why? The Word becomes flesh and dwells among us. Now the word does not become flesh—the word is the substance of flesh. And the moment you have the word, you have the substance and the form outwardly. But it is all in proportion, all in proportion. As Saul of Tarsus filled himself with all the truth he could, eventually the time came when he could be a full disciple of the Master. John opened his consciousness so completely that the Master was enabled to pour into him the full Gospel of John, which is of course, the greatest of the four, and probably the greatest spiritual writing on earth at the present time, or known to be on earth.

And he received it directly from the Master within himself. Why? Well it couldn’t have been an accident, and it couldn’t have been because of one hour a day given to truth. It must have been because he had consecrated his life to truth. Now we can’t do that in the beginning. Our modern … they could in those days. In those days, if you felt a call to truth, you just quit everything else and went out and went to some monastery or some religious order, and there you lived without having to earn your living beyond doing some of the tasks around the place, and you could devote your entire life to the spiritual work.

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