Meditation on Activity of Truth in Consciousness 2/6

1954 Honolulu Lecture Series

Joel S. Goldsmith

66A – Meditation on Activity of Truth in Consciousness 2/6

Ah, but you say, what about all of these appearances? That is why you had the Christ revelation of one, because the world was full of appearances, the appearances of sin, of disease, of death, of false religious teachings, of everything else that bound men politically, economically, socially, culturally, bound men in limitation. Because we had those appearances abroad in the world, a Master came into expression to reveal the answer. And the answer wasn’t more and bigger armies or more and bigger bombs. Nor was the answer more and better material powers. The answer was—Not by might, nor by power, but by My spirit.

The teaching was given to us that If you abide in Me, and let My word abide in you, none of these things of the world could touch you. Dwell in the secret place of the most High, none of these things will come nigh your dwelling place. Live and move and have your being in God, none of these things will come nigh your dwelling place. And so that was our second meditation.

Now, never let that one get away from you, any more than you would want the realization of divine grace as your supply to get away from you. Never, for the rest of your life, will you want to forget that God’s grace is your sufficiency. Never will you want to forget that you don’t need so many dollars with which to go to the mainland. You don’t need so many dollars with which to meet your rent. You don’t need so many pounds of this or ounces of that—your only need is the realization of divine grace. Divine grace is my sufficiency in every situation. And if you abide in that for the next thousand years, you will find that never will you be separate and apart from your good, because the grace of God appears in the form necessary to you at the moment.

When the Master needed transportation, a jackass was found—waiting for him. We will need transportation, but no jackass will be found for us. It will be an airplane all ready to take off, or a steamship, or an automobile, or a submarine, or whatever may follow those. The nature of the Christ is to appear in the form necessary to our unfoldment at the moment. We also need clothing here in Hawaii, but you’ll notice that as you realize divine grace, it will not appear as a fur coat, unless you have in mind a trip to the mainland soon. And then, well, it may appear as a fur coat, because it will appear to fit the emergency of the moment.

So, every day you will be faced, for a long, long time with some appearance which ordinarily would require some great power to overcome or destroy or improve for you. And it is in those emergencies that you must rise to the realization, “No, I don’t even need to remember a truth. Since harmony is all that Is, since divine grace is all that is, since oneness is all that is, I need nothing beyond that.”

There was a time when I was meeting, or trying to meet a situation, of a woman who had been ill for many, many years, and I was having as little success, as others who had been on this case before, when a call came one night of great distress. And I sat for many hours that night in meditation, reflection, the end of which … no, not the end of which, but finally, finally the thought came, “Oh, if I could just know a truth. If I could just find the right truth, the right truth would meet this need. Oh, what is the correct truth in this case? What is the truth I should be knowing with which to meet this?”

And then I became quiet for a few moments, and it came to me, “I am the truth. That which you are seeking, I am. That which you are seeking, I am. That which I am seeking, I am.” Oh no. No, no, no. I am seeking a truth with which to meet this claim …“That which I am seeking I am.” You mean I am the truth that is to meet this claim? Oh, that’s a strange thing. I do not need a truth, I am the truth. Oh, but then there quickly came, “Yes, don’t you see that that is a universal truth? Since I am the truth, so is this one who believes they are in need of help. They too are this same truth?” Oh, if I am the truth, and they are the truth, nothing further is necessary. And the healing took place.

Now since then, we know this: Since there is no evil to be overcome, there is no truth necessary with which to overcome it. Do you see that point? Do you understand that, that in order for you to need a truth there must be something for you to need it for?  But since all harmony is, there’s no truth to need, except the realization, the realization that comes when you know that divine grace is sufficiency, and when you know that there is only one power. Then you need no truth to destroy, heal another power.

Now I come to this third meditation, which will make more clear that which has gone before. There is no power outside your being or mine. There is no power for good or for evil. There is no power anywhere in this world to act upon you for good or for evil. The only power there is is within you.

Now, in order to understand, enjoy, appreciate, demonstrate if you will, the harmonies of existence, you must let that power flow out from you. You must not expect it to come to you, either from God or from man, because if you do, you will sit around for many, many years waiting, and then end up without it.

You see, it is like…well, let us take the subject of supply. Supply cannot come to you. There is no way, there’s no place for it to come from. The kingdom of God is within you. Therefore, you must open a way for that supply to flow out from you. Never, never, never can supply come to you. It can appear in our human scene to come to us, but be assured of this, it isn’t coming to us; it is coming back to us from that which we sent out. It is, what was it— bread cast upon the waters. Ah yes, I am the bread of life. I am truth, therefore the truth, the wine, the meat that you let flow from you is that which to human sense appears to come back and meet your need.

In other words, let us put it this way. There is no way for us to like each other, and there is no reason for us to like each other or do anything for each other, as strangers. But the very moment that one of us begins to let truth pour forth, that very moment everyone—everyone in tune with Spirit becomes aware of it, and they begin bringing back the outer world’s goods to us. Let me put it this way. Paul says, “If I give you of the spiritual substance, is it not right that I receive from you the material?” The only wrong about it would be expecting it.

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