1954 Honolulu Lecture Series

Joel S. Goldsmith

66A – Meditation on Activity of Truth in Consciousness 1/6

Good evening.

First let me just make a few simple announcements. These meetings will be held Wednesday evenings at 8:00, Sunday afternoon at 2:00; and that they will be supported entirely by voluntary gifts.

The work of The Infinite Way, as you know, is not organized, and it never will be. It is being presented and will continue to be presented as an unfoldment of truth as it has come into and through my

consciousness. And it will be presented to those desiring it and only to those who seek it. And it asks no questions of one’s religious beliefs or affiliations or lack of them. It is a presentation of truth as it has come through and it is for the use of those who are enabled to receive it and to respond to it. But in presenting it, there is a pattern.

The writings began with The Infinite Way, the book entitled The Infinite Way, and since then a whole series of books have come through, all of which are actual class-works, and were taken down, as this is being taken down, and later made into books. There are probably thirty more books that have not yet been printed. The writings, together with the recordings, meetings, lectures, classes, and the monthly letter, constitute ways of maintaining our consciousness on the level that will make it possible for us always to live in and through truth itself.

The whole idea is that ultimately, as we live in truth, truth takes us over, and then we don’t live in truth anymore—it lives our lives. It takes over and performs the functions that heretofore have been performed through the use of the word “I”. I do this, and I do that. But the day comes when, “I live, yet not I, Christ liveth.” This truth or consciousness of truth liveth my life. And so we have access to these various means and helps in study.

During these meetings, should you have questions, if you will write them out or type them and leave them at the book table, I will answer them as quickly as possible. If you leave them before a meeting up here, I will answer them during that meeting if possible.

Now, in our first meditation, it was brought out that if we were to hold in consciousness the realization that “Thy grace is my sufficiency in all things,” if we were to make that a part of our experience every hour of the day, at least for one, two, three minutes, pondering that idea of God as the source and the activity of our good, that it would only be a short while—with some it would be a few days, with some it would be a few weeks, and with some it would be a few months—but ultimately that idea would take over in consciousness and less and less would we be depending on person, or thing, or circumstance, or condition, and more and more would we be relaxing into the realization of divine grace as the source of our activity, the source of supply, the source of health, the source of companionship, the source of everything good in our daily experience.

Now ordinarily, I would say, that we should practice a meditation of that kind for three, four, five, six months, with anything else that would unfold through it, and probably then be ready to go on to something else. But because it isn’t possible to sit and wait that long for the students to work up to that, I am going forward twice a week with higher meditations—higher lessons in the truth, leaving it with you to put it into practice as you will, and work it out in your own time. So that in our second meditation …we took the idea of God as one—one power, one law, one substance, one cause.

Now, this is probably one of the highest spiritual ideas ever given to the world. It was given to the world thousands of years ago. It has come down through history, and it found a tremendous place in the teaching of the Master Christ Jesus. His entire ministry was really based on God as one. He repeated the old Hebrew teaching of Hear oh Israel, the Lord our God, the Lord is one.

Now, as you rightly understand that, especially in view of his later—giving us the first commandment as one of two … the first commandment acknowledging God alone, you come to a strange realization, that you are never using truth over error. You are never using God over evil. You are never using the power of good over error. When you come to the realization of this meditation of God as one, you come to the realization that God is the one and only law, therefore you do not use it, to overcome or destroy any other law or the effects of any other law.

If you understand God as the one substance … “In the beginning”, Genesis says, “God created the world, all that was therein.” Anything that God did not create was not created—was not made. Therefore you have only one substance, and if you have only one substance, you cannot use the power of God to destroy or heal or improve another substance. You have only one.

In the same way, as you understand God as life, you only have one life. You never have a life to save. You never have a life to heal, to redeem. Ah, but you say, the world is full of sin, sickness, and death. Yes, the world is, but the Master says, “I have overcome the world.” In other words, this truth is the overcoming of that world of sin, disease, and death, and the overcoming is in what way? Not by destroying anything, but by redeeming or raising. “If you destroy this temple, I will raise it up in three days.”

He healed the sick, he raised the dead, all to show that he did not destroy anything, but he brought into newness of life; and through what? Through a realization of one power, and thereby he gave us two marvelous teachings that the world has not yet been able to accept, except in the case of the few mystics and their followers, who have been able to adopt it. The nearest to the acceptance of it, is in the Quaker faith, and that teaching is—that you must put up your sword. Those who live by the sword will die by the sword.

In other words, stop fighting that which is non-existent, because by fighting it, you destroy yourself through accepting the so-called error as an error that must be overcome or destroyed. Now you watch this carefully, because in the physical sense of life, we use one form of material means to overcome another. We use arms and ammunition, for instance, to overcome some of our enemies. We use medicines to overcome other forms of it. We use diet and exercise to overcome other forms of it. We always have one good material power, with which to overcome another material power that we call not so good.

Now there’s nothing wrong about that. This is not a criticism or a judgment, because there is a material state of consciousness, and unless you use the world’s weapons on that level of consciousness, you find yourself in a very helpless and hopeless place. Now when the day came that it was recognized that there was a higher power than physical, material power—a mental power, there began another era, an era in which we used the power of mind over matter, or the power of truth over error, or the power of love over hate.

In other words, there was a good mental concept used to destroy an evil mental concept. But always there was … we had the two powers—the power of good and the power of evil. However, with the realization brought to the world through the revelation of the Master Christ Jesus, we had this higher teaching of God or Spirit as the all and only God or Spirit, as the one, and beside Him there is no other. Beside God there is no power to overcome; there is no power to destroy; there is no power to resist or to be resisted. God alone is. God alone is.