Immortality (4/5)

Infinite Way Letter
April 1955 By Joel Goldsmith
Part 4 of 5
The Price of Truth – continued
Based on the Master’s revelation that God is your individual mind, you can understand that there is no limit to your intelligence or your power. Then follow through to the realization that God is your life, and you will understand why you are immortal. As Jesus might have expressed it, “God is Life Eternal.” You must then agree that Life has no ageing process, no changing process, and no death process. In the entire Plan of Life God has not provided one single death. If you were to thoroughly study the four Gospels you would find that the experience of death was never accepted by the Master as necessary and right, or just and natural. Whenever it was presented to Him, He overcame the appearance of death, but He could not have overcome it if death had been a reality. Never can a Law of God be set aside: two times two are four! If death were a Law, the Master never could have set it aside. Because God is individual life, the realization of that truth will make you free of every experience of physical inharmony, old age, or death.
It is not enough to hear these words, or to read them. There is a price to be paid. There was a time when you could not have purchased these truths from a spiritual master for thousands of dollars—they were considered to sacred, too secret, too precious. Today they are available to everyone in a ten-cent pamphlet. Perhaps it is because of this that we will not pay the real price—that of application, putting the Truth to work by accepting it as our consciousness.
When you realize that God is your mind, you have a treatment that should be in operation not less than a hundred times each day. Every time there is a temptation to believe in forgetfulness, that should be a constant reminder to realize God as individual mind, not by making affirmations about it, but by knowing the Truth, remembering the Truth—realizing that God is Mind, and It is capable of every demand made upon It.
This realization is a spiritual weapon which, if used, will protect you from bombs and wars. God is your life, and what can destroy the Life of God? You have no life to lose or to gain; you have no life to be healed or to die. There is only one life, and that is the Life of God! The cause of all sin, all disease, all lack and limitation, old age and death is the belief and acceptance that we have a life of our own which had a beginning and which must have an ending. We have no such life!
Throughout all ages, and thousands of years before Christ, the revelation has been given that God is Life—individual life. The price we must pay for this Truth is the cultivation of the ability to discipline ourselves. Every time a suggestion comes that we have a limited life or a limited mind, we must constantly and consciously realize: “Since God is the Life of me, It can fulfill every demand made upon It. Since God is the Life of me, I am eternal, immortal, indestructible.”
For all the glorious Gifts of God, the great price is self-discipline. Each of us has the right to accept these Gifts in proportion to the degree to which we develop our ability to discipline ourselves. This is the price of truth!
The Prayer
“Open my mind to righteous judgment,
Open my eyes to see the Christ in all I meet,
Open my ears to hear the Voice of God.
Open my mouth to speak the Word of Truth,
Open my hands to serve.
Guide my feet that I may walk in the path of
Whatever of Truth is unfolded to me and through me.
“Thank you, Father”
(A Student)
“Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.” (Matt. 25:40)
End Part 4

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