Study & Meditation #95
1962 Los Angeles Closed Class (1:1)
Tape 460
By Joel Goldsmith
God is Omnipotent and cannot be influenced by us. To come to God to receive God’s Grace, it is necessary to become pure of heart; that means loving. There is no access to God except through love. Love is a state of spiritual integrity and Grace is something to be shared with those who have less.
Every human being is imprisoned in his mind with problems and his own false beliefs. The love that meets our need is the love that flows out through us. If we are not an outlet for that impersonal love, which is humility, benevolence, forgiveness, praying for the enemy, then love is locked up within us.
Love cannot bless us until we open out a way “for the imprisoned splendor” to escape. From then on we are not receivers. We are transparencies through which the Grace of God flows out.