Impersonalization Illustrated (5/5)

1959 Manchester Closed Class
Tape 278 -2
Impersonalization Illustrated
By Joel Goldsmith
Part 5 of 5

Now, I know that, at some time or other, you have all believed that some of your sickness had to do with God. Well just think now, if in the days of typhoid fever you’d had believed that, and now they’ve wiped out typhoid fever, and you haven’t got God to blame any more. Why doesn’t God cause typhoid fever now? Well, it’s almost here now – tuberculosis is almost virtually wiped out – in the States it’s very close to being entirely wiped out, I don’t know what it is here.
And just think – nobody will be able to blame God, and the metaphysicians won’t even be able to believe the consumptive who they said was consumptive because they were sensual. Now even the sensuality won’t give them tuberculosis. Do you see the ridiculousness of all of this?
We were blaming God for calling our little babies home and now God doesn’t call them home any more. He lets them live. Nonsense! In the days when doctors were ignorant – or more ignorant – of materia medica rules, laws, and lost patients because of their ignorance, or because they hadn’t yet discovered the secrets of medicine, oh, God was to blame. Now doctors are enlightened and they don’t lose so many cases, and all of a sudden God has gotten better natured.
Instead of – when I was a boy, the expectancy, the life expectancy in the United States was forty-nine years, and now it’s sixty-seven for men and seventy-two for ladies. That’s because they haven’t got so much work to do. They have it easy. [Laughter] Do you think God has gotten good natured that he lets us live now to sixty-seven against forty-nine, or do you think it’s because materia medica knows more about how to keep people alive and metaphysics has also contributed something to that?
So, let us, at least, open our minds to this. God has no pleasure in your dying. Turn ye and live. God never had any pleasure in your dying. And, therefore, God’s never been responsible for a death in the history of the world, and the only reason that death has ever taken place is our ignorance of spiritual law, the ignorance of the fact that there is only one power, and there is no power in infection or contagion or heredity, except such power as universal consent gives it.
Now don’t make the mistake of blaming your patient or a member of your family because they’re under some belief of ignorance or sin or disease. Always remember that whatever belief you and I are suffering from, it isn’t your belief or mine; it’s a universal belief, which we have temporarily picked up, or accepted, or yielded to.
Never, never blame anyone, and never try to make them better than they are. You won’t succeed, and you’ll give yourself heartaches. No use telling a person to be more loving, or more generous, or more forgiving because they can’t be anything more than they are now until you improve them by realizing that those qualities never were of them. They were of the carnal mind, and they aren’t power, and they never were power, and they only operated because of the universal belief in two powers. Is that clear?
Watch this. If you see a man stealing, don’t call him a thief. Realize instantly: This is a belief in two powers operating, but it can’t operate because there aren’t two powers. You’ll not only heal yourself, you’re loving your neighbor as yourself. And that’s important because, remember, if for any reason you should be stealing and anyone should see it, the one thing you would want is for them to know you aren’t a thief, that you were responding to an impersonal impulse, and that it wasn’t power, and the chances are right in the midst of the act, they would stop or you would stop.
There isn’t a one of us who has a fault – and we all have them – but there isn’t a one of us that wouldn’t appreciate it if our family, the members of our family who know our faults, instead of blaming us or trying to reform us, would silently, secretly, sacredly know this truth – this is an impersonal belief in two powers, just an impersonal claim of a power apart from God. But there are no powers apart from God. There is no power but the one. There is no mind but God; therefore, carnal mind, mortal mind is not enmity against God. It’s nothing!
I sometimes find it a little easier just to pick on Paul. I can have a good time picking on him and saying, “Paul, you’re all wrong. Carnal mind isn’t enmity against God at all.” And by the time I get through with that, I really believe it. Carnal mind isn’t enmity against God. Carnal mind is a belief in two powers, and it’s a universal belief. It isn’t mine. It’s a universal belief. It just has no person in which, on which, through which to operate.
You watch what this secret of impersonalization does for you. Watch what it does in the experience of those around you. Watch what it does in your healing work because you’ll understand why the Master could say: Resist not evil. Those are hard words – resist not evil. You’ve got to have a reason. When you say resist not evil, you better know why, because evil isn’t a power; it’s a universal belief in two powers – arm of flesh, nothingness.
It will do miracles for you in your own life, in healing, and the moment that you rise above merely living in this truth for your own sake, or your family, and start to apply it in your local governments, neighborhood governments, city governments, national governments, and in all things that effect the national and international life – even the weather – weather responds to this.
The weather responds to this. We have proven that definitely. Weather responds to this. Why? You see, weather is not something that is external to you. Weather is not something that happens. Weather is an activity of mind, and because there is only one mind, weather is perfect. And the only reason that we behold any imperfect weather is carnal mind. There is a belief in two powers, which makes good weather and bad weather.
Now, there aren’t two powers. I don’t mean by this that you should have any idea at all of working for all sun-shiny days because there must be, in our experience, a variety of types of weather, but none of it needs to be bad. None of it needs to be destructive. None of it needs to be of a nature that takes life or produces injury.
But this we prove locally before we get to the point of proving it more widely. I only say it to you because we have proven it locally, and have prevented destructive weather and injurious forms of weather, and proven that they can be dissolved just with the understanding that weather exists as an activity of mind. If you don’t think so, try to think of weather without a mind to know that there is weather.
In Zen Buddhism there is this passage. “If there is a flag waving in the breeze, is the flag waving or is the wind or breeze waving it?” And the answer is neither. Mind is waving it. And mind is, because without mind there would be no breeze. There would be no wind. There can’t be an activity outside of mind!
Try to figure how there could be an activity outside of mind. Which mind? Well, there is only one. You have no choice. There is only one mind. And when we are not beholding perfection, it is because of a universal belief in two minds or two powers. Do you follow that?
There is only one mind. It is a universal mind. It is the source of all action, all law, all cause. When we behold anything unlike the activity of a spiritual law or life, it is only because of the acceptance of this belief of two powers, two laws, two minds.
Now, I realize, of course, that you cannot possibly – except those of you who have been studying long enough so that this is only a sort of putting a seal on your understanding – but for most, you cannot grasp this or apply it until you have studied and practiced it, until it becomes a very part of your being.
And so again, I’m going urge on you that you hear these tapes as much as you can until you do have this, and then I think that in a form you’ll recognize it will be in the new book: The Art of Spiritual Healing.

End Part 5

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