Toward the experience (4 of 6)

Infinite Way Letter

1965 – January 

Aka – Beyond Words & Thoughts

By Joel Goldsmith

Part 4 of 6

Toward the experience


Surrender yourself to God

        If you are looking up to God, wanting God to do something, and trying to get God to come down to you, you are “out to lunch,” just not around where God is. You must become convinced that God does not reward good and God does not punish evil. Whatever reward or punishment comes is from within your own self as is evident from all the good people in the world who are suffering and all the bad people who are prospering.

        You must understand that the nature of God is not a power that will fix everything that is wrong in the world. It is power in the sense that it maintains order and balance in the universe, but it is not power in the sense that it will do something to evil.

        Furthermore, God is not something that can be used. Man has always tried to make of God a servant: “Dear God take care of my rent next month”; “Dear God, make my digestive apparatus work”; “Dear God, protect my child.” God is thought of as a servant doing man’s will. But there is no such God! You cannot make God do your will. You cannot influence God: not by praying, not by being good, not by fasting, not by tithing. You cannot influence God, and unless you can see that, you are not coming anywhere near the Experience. Once, however, you have come to the realization, “I cannot influence God; I cannot get God to do my will,: you can settle down in peace and quiet and say, “Well, God, maybe You can influence me.” That would be a twist!

        Then you will understand what the mystics mean when they write that you must surrender yourself to God, that you must yield yourself to God, and why Jesus could say, “Nevertheless not my will, but thine, be done.” It is foolish to have a will or your own, even a will to see your friends healed, even a will to see peace on earth. Do not have any will at all, but retire within as many times a day as you can find a minute to remember, “Nevertheless, Father, not my will, but thine be done on earth as it is in heaven.” Relax and rest, and be a beholder of what God’s will is. It might even include peace on earth if only you could let that will of God come through, instead of treating Him as if He were some kind of a servant that you were going to direct.

The Universal and Impersonal Nature of God’s Activity

        Do you see why the God-experience can come only when you have relaxed your personal efforts, when you have quieted your mind, when you have come to the realization that there is nothing personal about the activity of God in the sense that God would do any more for me than He would do for you? Never believe that God did more for Jesus Christ than He would do for you or for me. There is no such God!

        God is not a superperson who goes around saying, “I will do this for this you here, but I will not do it for that you over there,” or “I will do this for my good Hebrew people, but I will not do it for you Christian people.” Is that not nonsense? God must be understood as universal Being. There are no exceptions in the laws of God. It can make no difference to God whether a person is white or black, Jew or Gentile, bond or free, saint or sinner. It can make no difference whatsoever!

        Let the sinner but open his consciousness, and God will come to him just as quickly as He will to a saint. The Master even went so far as to say that God has more pleasure in one sinner that is redeemed than in ninety-nine who think they are already good. Even that is not so: it is not that God has more regard for one sinner or more pleasure in one sinner redeemed. No, God is too pure to behold iniquity, and God has no knowledge of any sin or of any sinner.

            The activity of God is like light touching darkness. It does not do anything whatsoever to darkness: it does not heal it, correct it, change it, or remove it. It just reveals that there is none. That is what the activity of God is like. In healing, It does not heal a disease: It just reveals that there is none. It does not reform a sinner: It reveals God’s man, who never sinned.

        There is that part of us which has never sinned, never been sick, was never born, and will never die, and the activity of God is to reveal that man. To our sense, that may remove sin, disease, or lack, but that is only to our limited sense. It does not really do it any more than light removes darkness.

        So it is that what we call a human being, “the natural man,” had an existence only in the universal mind which is separate and apart from God. The whole of the human experience is an imaginary experience, a dream-experience, taking place in the universal mind which does not have its seat in God. The proof of that is that in the moment that you can still that mind and open the door for the Spirit of God to come in, that man is not there any more. That man of sin, disease, and death is just as absent as is the darkness when light touches it. We say that the “old man” has “died” and the “new man” has been “reborn,” but where did the “old man” go?  He did not go any place: he was not there to begin with!


End Part 4



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